So who won the debate yesterday? I was so unaware of it I didn’t even record.

9 thoughts on “Debate”

  1. Whoever a viewer supported before the debate is who won the debate. Thus, I think Bernie did best.

    Warren started losing support when she claimed Sanders said a woman couldn’t win; consequently, she treats him with kid gloves. But she went after Bloomberg again, even though she destroyed him last time. He has no chance and yet she wastes time on him.

    Biden did OK until he got confused on an answer. After wandering in a fog, he stopped himself and asked, “Why am I the only one who stops?”

    Buttigieg repelled me when he talked over other people’s answers.


  2. I am not eager for Bernie to win now at all.

    \ // Bernie Sanders
    Sanders considers moving U.S. embassy back to Tel Aviv if elected
    In fierce Democratic debate, leading presidential candidate calls Netanyahu ‘reactionary racist’; Sanders’ opponents united in attacking the self-avowed democratic socialist

    Sanders also came under fire Sunday after he said he will not attend the annual American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) conference in Washington.
    On Twitter, the Vermont senator accused the lobbying group of providing a platform to leaders who “express bigotry” against the Palestinian people.


    1. The biggest danger with Bernie is that if he gets elected, he won’t be able to make any part of his economic program happen, and to create an illusion that something is getting done, he’ll dramatically step up the wokeness. In order to get the economic part done, he needs complete control of both houses of Congress. And it doesn’t mean the Dems’ control. It means control by his, quite small, wing of the party. That’s extremely unlikely to happen. Of course, he’s going to go the judicial route and not the legislative route as much as possible. But it’s still not possible to obviate the legislature completely.

      It’s not that he won’t be able to deliver on all his economic promises that bothers me. (And of course he won’t). It’s the stepping up of the woke agenda to distract from the failure of the economic promises. His choice of the running mate will tell us a lot about how far he’s willing to go in that direction.


  3. The moderators were some of the worst!! They let people talk over one another and did not enforce the time limits (which are too short anyway). So some of the candidates just started talking occasionally (e.g., Warren) when none of the moderators addressed them, and the moderators just let them keep on talking. Really annoying.

    Also, Pete criticized Bernie in a tweet for clinging to the revolutionary politics of the 1960s, rather than focusing on the future. He then deleted the tweet…perhaps because the 1960s was the decade of the civil rights movement in the U.S…. Ooops!


      1. Right now polls show him leading in SC (though not by nearly as much as he was a month ago.) I predict he’ll win, though perhaps by a narrow margin. I hope I’m wrong; the sooner Biden drops out the better. He should be relaxing with his family, not running for president.


  4. Sorry to disappoint you, Clarissa, but after the dramatic Jim Clyburn endorsement, Biden is going to win in South Carolina, possibly win big. And right now, he’s running about even with Bernie in most of the Super Tuesday states. Except California, where Bernie appears to be a lock.


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