Watch to Find Out

One of the modern day fads I deeply detest is getting an email from a person who wants something from me and, instead of saying what it is, asks me to watch a video to find out.

The sheer fussiness of the people who would record themselves telling you what they need is aggravating. But what’s worse is the idea that I’m going to take the extra step of following a link and watching somebody sloooooooowly try to verbalize what they want from me when they can’t even be bothered to summarize it in one sentence and put it into a bloody email.

Less Interest

The talk on El Salvador went well. What’s interesting, though, is that there were fewer people than at the talk on Ukraine back in November. And while the level of informedness on Ukraine was very impressive, the knowledge about El Salvador was non-existent. It’s weird because my friend Basia and I are “like literally” the only Ukrainians in the 100-mile radius while we have a large Salvadoran community locally. Plus, there are no major Ukrainian gangs in every large city in the US. People didn’t even know the difference between Mexican drug cartels and Central American gangs, which are completely different phenomena.

I understand that El Salvador is tiny but we have 1,5 million Salvadorans living in the US and more coming every day.

The conclusion to the talk was given by one listener who said, “gosh, I’m happy we were colonized by the British and not Spain. Wherever the Spanish went, things got bungled up.” And that is obviously true even though the wording is a bit off.