Big Screens

I’m with Mike. I refuse to work on anything but a big-screen desktop either at work or at home. While traveling, I have to use a laptop but it gives me headaches.

I need a really large screen to accommodate the five million tabs I have open at any given time.

6 thoughts on “Big Screens”

  1. I’ve owned computers since 1985, and I’ve never considered getting a laptop. My current setup is a large “desktop” model (actually on the floor beneath my desk) with two 24″ diagonal Dell LCD screens on my desk side-by-side. One monitor is in the traditional landscape orientation, and the other is in portrait orientation (which is the same orientation as on-screen input from word processors and Internet websites). I find that data on two medium-sized screens is easier to manage than a larger single screen, because the images to them are fed through totally separate video card channels, and modifying one doesn’t affect the other.

    I can’t image trying to read — let alone type — anything of any length on a tiny, hand-held tablet!


  2. My setup at work and at home is the same: a 27″ 5K iMac with a 27″ 4K Dell monitor. This is pretty ideal for me, though I wish these monitors had a 16:10 ratio rather than 16:9. That 16:10 ratio is almost impossible to find now, though. Sometimes I wish I had a third monitor but that’s impractical because it just takes up so much space.


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