Watch to Find Out

One of the modern day fads I deeply detest is getting an email from a person who wants something from me and, instead of saying what it is, asks me to watch a video to find out.

The sheer fussiness of the people who would record themselves telling you what they need is aggravating. But what’s worse is the idea that I’m going to take the extra step of following a link and watching somebody sloooooooowly try to verbalize what they want from me when they can’t even be bothered to summarize it in one sentence and put it into a bloody email.

21 thoughts on “Watch to Find Out”

    1. I fear students will soon send emails saying “watch this video to find out why I couldn’t make it to class today!” People are too obsessed with filming themselves, in my opinion.


  1. I hate videos. I also hate audiobooks. Everything is far too slow, way slower than me just reading. I wonder if people might be becoming illiterate as they can’t be arsed to read (or write).


    1. I was going to say the same thing. Most videos are too slow, I would much rather read if given the choice.

      I think the huge popularity of podcasts is part of the same trend. I’ve listened to a few and I get frustrated because people jabber on about this and that and take forever to actually say something.


      1. Oh, God, yes. 30 min of podcast for 1-2 min of content, tops. And most podcasters vastly overestimate how funny/interesting they and them shooting shit with their buddies is. I can only tolerate heavily edited postcasts where they don’t waste my time.


    2. “hate videos. I also hate audiobooks. Everything is far too slow”

      I can’t imagine just listening to an audiobook or podcast – I can only do so if I’m doing something else… I’ve got what might be called a two-track mind and trying to focus it all on one thing at a time doesn’t work, I’ve got to keep at least two channels busy and so podcasts and the like are background noise while doing something else.
      I can’t imagine actually listening to a podcast for the sake of listening to a podcast…. do people do that?


      1. I also have a two-track mind, and nobody ever understands what I mean when I mention it.

        I listen to podcasts in the car. But they are still maddening because they are so slow.


    3. I hate videos. I also hate audiobooks. Everything is far too slow, way slower than me just reading.

      In fairness, I have a friend who has had a stroke. He has trouble reading anything longer than a page or two. He no longer even tries to read books; he only listens to audiobooks. They are a wonderful thing for him.


      1. Sure, no one says audiobooks should be banned or anything. I just don’t care for them personally.

        I am part of a science fiction discussion group/book club. It’s interesting how people there have been slowly moving toward audiobooks. Many mix up paperback, ebooks, and audiobooks. I think people find it easier to squeeze in as they do other stuff. Another issue with audiobooks is that if you dislike the narrator for whatever reason, that pretty much ruins itl it is torture to go through a novel narrated by someone whose voice grates on you. It’s like seeing a bad movie adaptation before reading the book, but for far more hours. Ugh.

        Of course, I can run my mouth because I can choose the format. Someone like your friend, David, doesn’t have that option is likely very grateful for audiobooks in general.


  2. You can always treat unsolicited e-mails, with or without videos, the same way as unsolicited phone voice or text messages — and delete them without opening or answering?

    If you feel an obligation to answer your students who send such videos (and I can grudgingly understand that), then reply with a text e-mail saying, “Send me a plain text e-mail, and I’ll respond.”

    Ah, Clarissa, after all the years of never having dependent family, yet being a doctor with a profound responsibility toward my patients, as well as a military officer with an equal obligation toward my subordinates, it is quite the luxury to finally feel as free of obligation toward any other specific human being on this planet as I do at this point in my life.

    It’s a freedom/or a welcome relief/or a loneliness/ or an “about time!” sensation that you will probably never know, since you still have students and current family, and through Klara, will undoubtedly have future family that outlives you.


  3. “an email from a person who …. asks me to watch a video to find out”

    I want to hold onto a shred of faith in humanity so I can’t believe that this is a thing now….. is this a thing?

    What’s also irritating is an email where the sender field is something like luckyace and a two sentence request with no identification of who’s writing whatsoever, I’m kind of used to that but with a video link? or is the video in the email?


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