Social Media in Quarantine

One thing that improved dramatically with the quarantine is Twitter. I now go every day. People post interesting, informative stuff. I’ve had to unfollow everybody who was starting to get neurotically competitive (“I taught my 5-year-old math until the eighth grade! And I taught mine to speak 11 languages! And I learned to bake bread and make my own clothes!”), and now it’s almost not annoying. I’m still confused about the sudden obsession with tigers but it’s very informative otherwise.

I have completely dropped Facebook, though. Now that I can’t sell anything there, I never remember to go there at all.

Told You So

Watch Tucker’s episode on the paper released by the South China University of Technology on the origins of coronavirus. It’s exactly what my (highly credible and informed) source from China told me in early January.

For those who can’t watch: it came from a lab in Wuhan.

And for those who didn’t read my post: it’s a normal practice in China to take lab animals that were used for experiments out of the lab and bring them home as pets or food.

Thank Home Depot Fans

I also don’t understand why everybody is so angry with the folks who go to Home Depot and that kind of places. The goal of the quarantine is not to prevent all infections. That would be a stupid thing to do. The goal is to prevent all infections from happening at once and instead have a small number of infections coming in a steady stream and not in one huge spike.

This means we should be grateful to those who venture out and make this scenario possible. If nobody takes any risks and zero people get any exposure, we’ll be stuck in this quarantine forever.

Those folks who do break the quarantine every now and then are making sure the quarantine isn’t completely useless. We should thank them.

Let Them Eat Masks

I’m really over the obnoxious folks who are telling everybody to “wear masks.” Some particularly preachy individuals are suggesting that those who don’t wear masks are driven by vanity and a fear of looking silly.

It’s impossible to buy these masks anywhere. They don’t exist. Telling people to wear masks in this situation sounds like mockery. It’s the modern version of “let them eat cake.”


I’m the only person in my family who would be happy if the quarantine ended tomorrow. I asked N if he minds the quarantine.

“Mind?” he said. “I feel like I only just started living.”

He walks around the house looking so radiant that it’s almost embarrassing to watch.

You won’t be surprised to find out that my father and my sister’s husband are exactly this way, too.

Trump Scandal of the Day

Did you hear that Trump had the gall to invite to his coronavirus briefing a guy who retooled his whole factory to manufacture 50,000 masks a day? That’s so evil! It’s got to be evil because people on social media are flipping out about it so much that at first I thought maybe Trump ate the guy who is manufacturing the masks.

People are really scraping the bottom in search of reasons for outrage. Earlier in the day, there was a big dustup on Twitter when somebody dug up a photo of the French scientist who is testing the medicine for coronavirus that Trump said might be helpful. The scientist isn’t very photogenic, so people lost their shit over how Trump can possibly trust such a non-photogenic scientist. No, seriously. It’s a real thing.

But then the mask manufacturer issue came up and now everybody is freaking out over that.

This is fun.