Not a Dystopia

This is why the reviewers who say that Karina Sainz Borgo’s novel is a dystopia are total idiots:

Since 2017, security for the airport has been provided by the National Bolivarian Guard, or GNB, Venezuela’s highly militarized police force. An investigation from ABC, one of Spain’s largest newspapers, reported that passengers on international-bound flights were being extorted by GNB officers at the check-in area before going through any security checkpoint. According to ABC, members of this “military mafia” regularly threatened to deny boarding and demanded foreign currency, tech gadgets, or jewelry from travelers.

Sainz Borgo has a scene at the Caracas airport in her novel, and her depiction is actually more benign (though still very scary) than the actual reality.

The novel underplays in many ways how bad things in Venezuela actually are.


Klobuchar has dropped out.

Why is everyone dropping out three seconds before Super Tuesday, making all of their early voters feel like idiots?

Obviously, it’s a rhetorical question. They are acting on orders from the corrupt DNC that wants them to help Biden.

Such rot. If majority of primary voters is for Bernie, then he should be the nominee. And if he loses in the general, then that will be a fair loss that will bring important knowledge. It’s extremely annoying that some party official’s fantasies about ‘electability’ should mess with this process.

“We’ll just undermine democracy a little bit this one time for a very respectable reason” is a very dangerous way of thinking. This is precisely the mentality that gave Russia Putin (and I mean, the real Putin, not the product of the diseased imaginings of the ‘Russia collusion’ class).

The Chris Matthews Allegations

I don’t watch Matthews’ show any more because his brain has been devoured by TDS like everybody else’s on his network. I have zero interest in whether he’s fired or not. But these allegations against him leave me completely stumped:

In fact, Matthews’s whole modus operandi seems to be inviting smart women onto his show, flirting with them or otherwise making them uncomfortable before or while the camera rolls, asking them a question on air and then immediately interrupting them to tell them why they’re wrong.

Why does flirting with “smart women” make them uncomfortable? Why do compliments “leave them shaken” or “undermine their ability to do their work”? Why is it wrong to grill a politician on her statements if she is a woman? Isn’t grilling politicians and “treating what they say with suspicion” what a journalist is supposed to do? Isn’t interrupting guests a must on a talk show that runs on strictly time-limited segments?

The author of the linked piece believes that being aggressively questioned on your political beliefs is infantilizing. Wouldn’t it actually be really infantilizing if such aggressive questioning was reserved only to men, as if female politicians were going to wither and die because somebody doesn’t pander to them constantly?

Why are we collectively allowing our workplaces to be poisoned by this kind of ridiculousness just because a small group of people think this is a cute way to self-promote?

Once again, I’m not fretting about Matthews. I’m worried about all of us. Who hasn’t flirted in the workplace? Who hasn’t told off-color jokes? Who hasn’t aggressively pushed back against a colleague who happens to be a minority of some sort?

What’s happening to Matthews is yet another battle in the job wars. This isn’t about feminism or anything of the sort. This is simply a way to fight for jobs in a profession where the pool of coveted positions is shrinking. Which excuse is used to win these battles is mildly curious but ultimately unimportant.