All of the candidates on both sides are in the high risk group for coronavirus because of their age. And all spend their time chasing crowds. It’s kind of disturbing.

And is Trump now the youngest candidate?

Weird election. But a great show.

Super Thursday*

I just now found a minute to take a look on the news and it looks like Biden is winning everything, even the wokester states like Minnesota.

I don’t mind as long as it’s honest. If people prefer Biden, then he should be the nominee. I’m obviously not voting for him because I hear “Burisma” and I stop caring. But the will of the voters is what matters.

In any case, there’s always 2024.

* I know it’s not Thursday. The front-runner is the one who’s confused.

Book Notes: Thomas Fazi’s The Battle for Europe

I will be brief because I didn’t like the book and don’t recommend it. Fazi talks about the global recession. Austerity, he says, was a way to destroy the achievements of welfare and labor and accelerate the triumph of neoliberalism. It wasn’t helpful or economically justified. It was just a huge, useless grift. This is all absolutely true.

But then Fazi starts trying too hard to bolster his argument and gets into cuckoo land territory. He argues that there was no government mismanagement of funds in countries like Spain. The Spanish government was downright frugal, Fazi says. It was all the banks’ fault! I agree that the banks were predatory like it’s nobody’s business. But the idea that there wasn’t outlandish financial profligacy in the Spanish government is ludicrous.

Fazi concludes with a spirited defense of the EU. It’s the absolute bestest because it takes the power of decision-making away from nation-states, Fazi says. Yippee! All that is needed now is “supranational democracy and supranational welfare.” And a personal fairy godmother for everybody, I might add.

So… definitely not my thing although it has some useful moments in describing what neoliberalism is.

Competitive Advantage

Princeton Grad Students Demand Mandatory Diversity Course

And before you think they are idiots, they are simply trying to get an advantage in the job market. When it becomes a good thing to put on your CV how many people you hounded for ideological crimes, they will all do it. And by “when” I mean in the next couple of years.