It’s only when I had a kid that I realized that competitiveness is an inborn human trait. At first, I tried to discourage it in my daughter but then I thought that I don’t want her to become one of those people who expect a participation trophy. So now I’m all, “yeah, you go, kid! Bring it home for the win! Let’s crush those other 4-year-olds!”

I ❤️ Americans

It’s warm and sunny. Strangers stop each other in the street to express joy at the wonderful weather. I’ve been out of the house for 20 minutes and already had an opportunity to share with 3 complete strangers that I’m on my way to Boston, and everybody is wishing me a great trip and a prompt return to the great weather back here.

This is one of the reasons I love Americans.

Bloomberg Is Out

I really hope that we can finally put to bed the tired old idea that money can buy elections. I also hope we can move on from the idea that Russia influenced the US election in 2016 with a $100,000 investment while Bloomberg failed to make a dent with a much larger one.

It’s not necessarily a conspiracy or a trick when people disagree Sometimes, people just vote the way we don’t like because they don’t think the way we do. The beauty of diversity, and all that.

Link of the Day

A really great article on what a decade of austerity did to Great Britain.

By the way, speaking of Britain, who’s Priti Patel and why is she dominating my Twitter feed? I know nothing about this person except that people are saying such trash about her that I’m beginning to like her.