Movie Notes: The Invisible Man

I was actually going to wait to see The Hunt, which is a movie that had almost gotten banned by the right-wing version of sensitive snowflakes because it supposedly “encourages violence against Trump supporters.” But I don’t know if theaters will stay open next week, so I went to see this movie instead to further my movie resolution goals.

It’s a nice movie, very typically Hollywood. I was right when I said a little while ago that there’s now a trend for ugly actresses in Hollywood. First, there was that divorce movie where a gorgeous actress made herself look hideous to play… a gorgeous actress. And now there’s this movie where the lead role went to that dumpy Peggy character from Mad Men. She’s perfectly normal-looking for a regular person but not for a Hollywood actress. Curiously, this trend doesn’t touch male actors, it seems. The male lead in The Invisible Man is this stunningly gorgeous black actor with insane musculature.

Her looks aside, the Peggy actress is actually quite good at acting. So I’m glad that Hollywood is abandoning its obsession with inhumanly pretty androids with zero acting skills.

I responsibly went to the earliest showing, so it was just me and one other viewer in the room. Nice movie, very forgettable, but not in the least annoying.