More Coronavirus

Looking at the meltdown people are experiencing over the teensiest little bits of disruption over the preventative measures, I have a question for Americans. Folks, how did you survive the Great Depression? Or WWII, minimal as your participation was? People are being told to extend spring break for a week, and the way they are reacting, you’d think they got news of a nuclear explosion a mile away.

Tom Hanks has coronavirus, by the way.

Coronavirus Address

I listened to Trump’s address. It is a good address, he said many important things, but did anybody else think he sounded hoarse and like he was struggling not to cough?

On the positive side, my university decided not to bring the students back from spring break next week. Sanity has prevailed.

Easy Excuse

The NYTimes journalist who demonstrated outlandish ignorance of arithmetic recently now claims that the people who criticized her “trivial math mistake” around Bloomberg’s millions are racists. She seems completely oblivious to the fact that the very white Brian Williams who participated in the gaffe got just as mocked as she was.

I wonder how people don’t get tired of excusing everything they do by screaming racism. Why not just say, “I made a foolish mistake, I’m embarrassed, I’ll try to do better in the future”?

Time to Fight

I hope that in the Sunday debate Bernie shows that he can stand up to the DNC. I hope he raised the issue of Biden’s cognitive decline. I hope he talks about Biden’s history of corruption. I hope he will mention that Biden’s shenanigans in Ukraine and China carry a baked-in promise of impeachment if he somehow magically manages to beat Trump.

Yes, the MSNBC and the CNN will savage him for that. But they’ll savage him no matter what he says.