On the positive side, the population spread is huge in the US. It’s easy to go for weeks without speaking to anybody outside of your family (yes, I’ve tried. That’s the whole purpose of my life right there). It’s not like the extremely sociable, densely packed Italy. We are already socially distanced here.

No Logo

We all know that only a really crazy person does the same thing again and again and expects a different result.

We have already nominated a “safe” “centrist” old-timer with no recognizable brand, gigantic personal flaws, history of corruption and lying, and a weird family against Trump.

We lost.

Now, please tell me without googling, what’s Biden’s campaign slogan? What’s the logo? I don’t think Biden himself remembers them, and not only because he’s senile. And he’s going to beat a guy who got the presidency purely on the strength of branding?

Is there anybody who will vote for Biden because they are in love with his message? What is his message? He’s worse than Hillary because at least she was all there. Have you ever heard anybody, anywhere say, “I’m so psyched about Biden’s plan to XYZ. It’s precisely what the country needs”? No, because he’s got no plan to XYZ or ABC or anything else.

This whole idea that he’s “a centrist.” God. He’s not a centrist, he’s not anything. What’s his centrist slogan that you remember off the top of your head? He doesn’t have one.