Sore Loser

Andrew Gillum, the guy who almost got elected governor of Florida, was found in a hotel room strung out on crystal meth and in the company of a male prostitute. Some people say two male prostitutes but I only saw pictures of one of them.

Some people take losing really hard.

Talking of governors, I hear that the governor of Ohio is doing good on battling the virus in the state, so it’s not all bad.

WuFlu Denialists

First, there was an uncomfortable feeling when many people got TDS and one didn’t know how to break it to them.

Now there’s a similarly uncomfortable feeling when one discovers that many people one knows are coronavirus denialists.

I’m getting socially isolated without even trying here.

Losing Ideological Battle

I listened to Michael Moore’s post-Tuesday podcast and it’s clear that the fanatical Bernie crowd isn’t accepting any other explanation than “DNC convinced voters that Bernie isn’t electable and that’s why he’s losing.” This means we shouldn’t be expecting any correction of the course. Bernie thinks he’s winning “the ideological battle” when that’s precisely what he’s losing because he outsourced ideology to freaks.

Punished by EU

EU Court of Justice has chosen today to fine Italy €7,5million for subsidies to the Sardinian hotel sector—and imposed a €80,000 daily fine for delays in the payment.

Simple question. How is the EU useful when there’s a major crisis? The global recession, the pandemic? All it does is punish and make things worse.

Let It In

I didn’t take the coronavirus seriously at first. I suck at math so it’s all confusing to me. But the great thing about the current moment is that there are mountains of information online. And I don’t mean dumb opinion pieces but clear, detailed explanations by professionals. I have read a lot about the virus and I feel no shame in saying that I was wrong. We need to take the virus seriously. Not in a panicky way but in a serious way.

I wish fewer people felt like they absolutely need to defend whatever position they took in the first two minutes of a situation. New information comes in. It’s ok to let your brain process it.