We Are Screwed

Can anybody explain in what sense Biden is a centrist? What I saw at the debate tonight was a rabid maniac wokester. He easily outwokestered Bernie.

“I won’t deport anybody for any reason; absolutely no more fracking; a good running mate is a vagina” – what is it the center of? You can’t go any more to the left without falling off a cliff.

Biden / Sanders Debate

It’s starting! Let’s discuss as the debate unfolds in this thread.

P.S. And what’s with the inane practice if inviting Univision hosts who barely speak English? It’s annoying.

P.P.S. The first hit was delivered by Biden who pointed out that Italy’s government-owned healthcare is collapsing in this crisis. When is Bernie going to start fighting?


Russia has a completely open border with China, by the way. It’s so open and fluid that whatever we have with Mexico looks like a complete lockdown in comparison.

Russia is also amending its Constitution to let Putin stay in power for the next 16 years.

But there are no cases of coronavirus in Russia. Because Putin says so.

Do Your Job

Children at 13 or 14, especially girls, are sometimes not happy in their own bodies – that’s what puberty does to you. They are very vulnerable. It only takes one person with an agenda to plant a little seed that they are “in the wrong body”.’

Yeah, right. Puberty does it. Aha. What a convenient way to outsource responsibility.

The school in the story is a total bastard and is letting an adult creep prey on a vulnerable lonely child from a shitty home. And things aren’t going to get better until mom takes responsibility for not transmitting a joyful sense of womanhood to her daughter. (Obviously, it would be the Dad’s job to do it for a son).

It’s a total myth that everybody hates the physical changes puberty brings. It’s normal for a girl to feel ecstatic about her growing breasts and more adult-looking body. That normalcy comes at the price of mom doing her job. Simple as that. We all hear that it’s mostly girls who want to self-mutilate into “boys.” And who’s more likely to spend a lifetime bitching and complaining about their physical appearance, moms or dads? Hmm, I wonder if there’s a connection.

It Bears Fruit

Technology-free parenting is painful for parents for the first few years but it definitely bears great fruit later on. Klara is now four, and she can entertain herself for long stretches of time while I cook, work on my book, grade, etc. She does her art projects, tends to her window-sill garden, builds castles out of pillows, and ‘reads’ books (which means she leafs through them and tells herself stories based on them).

People think it must be torture to be at home all day with a small kid and not turn on any device but at this stage it’s actually great.

Knowing how to entertain oneself is a crucial life skill. Just being by yourself, using your own inner resources and not needing any stimulation by technology is very important.

Debate Tonight

An elderly gentleman stops me in a deserted street. (It’s suburbia; the streets are always deserted. Don’t read too much into it).

“Tonight!” he exclaims. “The Biden-Sanders debate! It’s tonight. Don’t forget to watch. He said at the press conference that he prepared really tough questions for him. I can’t wait! He’s going to destroy him! These are exciting times!”

I can’t figure out from this whom the gentleman supports but I’m going to watch. Join me tonight for liveblogging of the debate.

Generational Gap

According to my anecdotal observations, it’s absolutely true that Gen X is the only generation that takes the virus seriously. The only Boomers I know who are serious about it are the ones closer to Gen X in age and in spirit. Every Genexer I know is self-isolating to some extent but failing to convince parents to stop running around in public.

I will be very happy if anybody tells me about somebody under thirty who self-isolated or gave up any gathering to protect the elderly. It will make my day.

And by the way, people do really heroic things to self-isolate. My pedicurist who’s my age and healthy stopped seeing clients at all. Most of her clients are elderly and she’s trying to protect them. This is a person who really needs the income.

Same Culture

Both N and I feel sorry for the guy with the 17,000 bottles of hand sanitizer. Somehow, we just can’t judge him:

Can’t find hand sanitizer? Matt Colvin has 17,700 bottles of it.

He emptied stores across Tennessee, hoping to profit. Then Amazon pulled his listings for price gouging.

Now he’s one of likely thousands of Amazon sellers sitting on stockpiles. My story:

We feel like the guy’s been told his whole life that he needs to succeed and strike it big. So now he’s finally found a way, and everybody is piling on him.

It must be something very Soviet. This is one of those times when it helps to be from the same culture. (Well, actually, it always helps, to be honest.)

We are very familiar with this type of person in the USSR. They helped us have less unpleasant lives.