The local Sam’s Club has been overwhelmed with crowds of desperate shoppers.

Then, a rumor surfaced that somebody who works at Sam’s has coronavirus. People started shunning the store.

The rumor is not true. The only coronavirus patient in our county is in isolation and doesn’t work for Sam’s. But the person who started the rumor must have really enjoyed having the store all to himself


So do you, folks, know how I keep bitching about my husband’s boss who is super weird and isn’t letting the workers work from home?

Yeah, about that. It’s not the boss who’s weird.

N just called me to say that he accidentally found out that everybody has been working remotely since at least last week.

“But didn’t you notice that the room was empty??” I asked.

“Erm,” he said. “Not really.”

The guy hates his commute and has been dreaming about working from home for a decade.

I’m telling you. If he didn’t have me in his life, he wouldn’t know that coronavirus is a thing. The word would be unfamiliar to him.

No Shame

I turned on the TV for just a couple of minutes and saw a journalist ask Trump for the millionth time why he thinks it’s not raaaaaacist to call the Chinese virus Chinese virus.

People are suffering, businesses are struggling, everybody is quarantined, and these journalists think it’s a brilliant idea to make the same virtue signal for the fifteenth time in a row. These people have no shame.

In the Meanwhile

The number of primary voters turning out for the incumbent in 2020 as opposed to in 2012:

Trump in Michigan—639,143
Obama in Michigan—174,054

Trump in Texas—1,889,006
Obama in Texas—520,410

Trump in New Hampshire—129,734
Obama in New Hampshire—49,080

And as far as I remember, Obama won MI by a huge margin. And won NH, too. Now let’s think about the prospects of an incumbent who generates a lot more enthusiasm in a primary.

And these are just random states. Trump’s voters are more psyched to vote than Dem voters.

$$$ Payments

Chris Arnade on the subject of sending cash payments to everybody:

Every political side has a different issue with $ payments

1) Right doesn’t like “bailing out” undeserving people. Especially poor
2) Center obsessed with deficits & austerity
3) Left loves bureaucracy too much & can’t help fiddling with stuff to make it targeted or whatever 2/

This is true. Everybody has their favorite hobby horse that they are eager to saddle even in a fire situation like this. People either go on about how they are against the UBI (which I also oppose but it’s got to do nothing with this) or about how some people don’t deserve help either because they are either too poor or not poor enough. And now let’s waste time on creating a Byzantine system of categories of deserving and drown people in paperwork as they attempt to prove they deserve it.