Definitely a Spy

Ay yay ay, guys, did you hear?

Biden is a Russian spy!

He has to be if Tulsi Gabbard endorsed him.

Jokes aside, even she turned out to be a mindless drone.

Isolation Observations

I think we all need to make sure we learn something from this moment, individually and collectively. I’m discovering a lot about myself and what I really want in life.

One of the things that’s becoming clear is that the best thing to do is to pursue a career you can practice remotely.

Also, I made a list of places I really miss now that I can’t go there. (They aren’t all closed but I’m responsible so I stay away):

1. Church

2. Gym

3. Indian buffet

4. The juicery

I’m still waiting to miss the campus.

What places do you miss?

I’m also now Twitter-following a bunch of fitness gurus. Here, for instance, is a great idea I learned from them. For a cardio workout, go up and down stairs for 30 minutes. That’s it. You probably can’t do it for 30 mins straight (I definitely can’t), so break it up into 5 or even 3 minute stretches.

Let’s swap isolation observations and tips.

Gal Gadot Is an Idiot

I told you Gal Gadot was an idiot:

“We are in this together, we will get through it together.”

Gal Gadot just posted a video of her and other artists (who are also quarantined because of the COVID-19) singing Imagine by John Lennon on Instagram.

Look up the lyrics to the song if you don’t get why I say it. It’s pretty much the worst possible song to sing at this particular moment.

When are these dumb clueless fucks going to stop lecturing us?

Where Did They Get It From?

We are asking young people to give up something they enjoy because it might hurt others.

Because it might hurt others.

It’s not OK to hurt others even if it feels good and you don’t really see the damage.

Even if you are just a passerby who wants to have fun and you won’t witness the suffering you cause.

It is not OK.

This is what we keep saying.

These young people are so selfish. How can they?

We we keep saying this but it’s not what we are actually teaching. We have spent years setting a really bad example. We have titillated ourselves and flattered our sense of moral outrage at the expense of the people this destroys. But we think it’s OK because we don’t see the victims. And it feels so good to keep doing it.

Sarah Braasch, Bo Winegard, Joseph Massey, so many others.

We infect their lives with our careless “ah, a racist, an abuser, a jerk, serves them right.” It makes us feel good but it devastates people.

But we don’t care because we don’t see the damage. The victims crawl away to their broken lives.

So let’s go preach at Millennials that they are being selfish. And of course they are.

I wonder where they could have possibly gotten it from.

Problem with Glasses

The problem I have with glasses is that in order for them to work, I need to put them on. And I keep forgetting that part.

On the positive side, I put them on yesterday and jokingly said to my 4-year-old, “Now, don’t I look gorgeous in them?”

“You are the most beautiful person in the world, mommy,” she said completely seriously.