The Problem with Online Learning

Here’s the biggest problem with online learning.

Online learning has the capacity very easily to give people we work with a glimpse into our real beliefs. If those beliefs are not 100% woke, it’s very easy to hound us for that.

No matter how careful you are, it’s always possible that you’ll be given away by a closing caption on your YouTube video that YouTube creates based on what it knows of your preferences, or an Amazon recommendation in your feed based on your reading history, or a glimpse of a bookcase in your house where you are quarantined and doing your video lectures either as a student or as a professor.

Even if you are 100% ideologically sound today, you can’t possibly predict what will be declared beyond the pale tomorrow.

And before anybody tells me it’s not going to happen because it can’t possibly happen, please read this. It’s already happening.

What State?

In Cleveland, a confessed baby killer was released from jail because of coronavirus. Which he doesn’t have.

Obviously, the virus is an excuse to roll back law enforcement. Which is what neoliberalism always does. Lawlessness schools populations into accepting very punitive economic measures.

Let’s Stop the Wokescolds

Isn’t it funny, though, how the exact same people who are soooo worried about the “racism” of calling the Chinese virus “Chinese virus” are supremely indifferent to the very real discrimination against Asian students at leading colleges?

As for how it’s supposedly petty to say “Chinese virus” just to annoy the wokescolds, here is what I want to point out. We have allowed the wokescolds to hound people, get people fired, destroy lives. And now there’s a huge global crisis, people are dying, economies are collapsing, and these bastards are still at it. They are not learning anything from the crisis.

If we don’t stop them now, they will get completely rabid, and there will be nothing holding them back. As I wrote in the previous post, the mantle of victimhood that they will wear after the crisis is over will serve as an indulgence for all kinds of horrible things they will do to all of us.

The time to push back is now. We can’t let this crisis teach us absolutely nothing. It’s time to lose our fear and reject subservience. Let’s beat back the wokescolds and make sure they never police our speech and thwart our lives again.

Are We Sheep?

Here is the most recent list of senators who sold stocks immediately after being briefed on 1/24/20 in a secret briefing about the threat of coronavirus:

  1. Senator Richard Burr
  2. Senator Kelly Loefner
  3. Senator Dianne Feinstein,
  4. Senator Ron Johnson
  5. Senator Jim Inhofe

Let’s see if their constituents are sheep and keep voting for them .

Life Is Discomfort

Life is suffering. Life is pain and discomfort. Suffering is not a state of exception. A respite from suffering is.

Everybody knows this. Except for people in a couple of fairly small parts of the world in a historically minuscule period of time. But even they feel it on some level.

Interestingly, human beings are so molded by their evolutionary experience of life as discomfort that they always unwittingly end up bending the arc of history towards it.