Livestream Service

I had no idea I still had the capacity to find anything not relating to my child as touching as I did the FB livestream of the Vespers service. We are fortunate that our 70-year-old priest was in charge of the IT department of a large university until his recent retirement so he dealt with the technological part easily. (We are a small, poor parish. We can’t afford to pay a salary to a priest.)

It’s also great that the Orthodox service is so immutable. It’s very comforting.

Weird Limitations

Illinois is prohibiting everybody even to get together with a couple of friends but the daycares are still open. I honestly don’t get that.

We’ve had a “stay in place” order issued, which is fine with me. But I’m not getting the daycare part. I understand keeping it open for healthcare workers and such but everybody? It’s weird.


Students at Harvard and Yale are demanding a “universal pass” grading system for their online courses in the wake of coronavirus-induced campus evacuations.

A coalition of Yale students recommends students get credit for every class, receiving a “P” (“Pass”) grade instead of traditional letter grades. According to the Yale Daily News, the main reason for the appeal is “equity.”

Student Eileen Huang, a proponent of the new grading system, said many students are too “burdened by sickness, hectic home lives or living thousands of miles away from the University — to devote the same level of attention and focus to their classes as they would” in person.

Interestingly, my students, who unlike the snowflakes at the Ivies, aren’t extra privileged, don’t demand we suspend grades. Professors do because they imagine students as much more fragile than they are.

Another observation I have is that a professor’s student evaluations at a school like mine are very dependent on the degree of fragility the professor ascribes to students. Those who imagine students as infinitely vulnerable get crappy evaluations. Those who don’t get good ones.

At my school, the only people who are proposing we cancel grades are some professors. The overlap between this group of professors and those who are eager to wokescold over imaginary speech crimes is 100%.

Bored at Home

I can understand everything. OK, not everything. The people who voted for Ilhan Omar or found that video of Gal Gadot’s cute I can’t understand. But other than that, I can really understand a lot.

But I honestly don’t get the (adult) people who say they are bored at home. I mean, it’s your home! It’s up to you to fill it with whatever makes you happy. I filled mine with books, coloring pens, a notebook collection, and a ton of food. How can I possibly get bored?

And please don’t start with “what makes me happy is being around people.” Why didn’t you fill your house with people then? Had a large family, lived with 6 great roommates? If there’s one thing you control it’s not being bored at home.