Trader Joe Mystery

One thing I honestly don’t understand is Trader Joe’s. There’s nothing in it that my brain recognizes as food.

On my work trips, I like to save money on eating out all the time, so I buy stuff at a grocery store and graze in my room. On the trip to Boston, the closest place to the hotel was Trader Joe’s. This was before the quarantine but the line at the checkout was Soviet-like. I roamed around for a half hour but didn’t locate anything that looked eatable. And I’m really into food.

What is it that people buy there, even?

Online Learning in K-12

Here is what I think about online learning in K-12:


Just don’t.

It’s a horrible idea.

First of all, the teachers are completely untrained, they have no experience with this kind of teaching, and they will do more harm than good.

Kids need to use the quarantine to play outside, stay active, explore nature, play imaginative games, read/watch whatever interests them and not, I repeat, NOT stare at screens all day in a ridiculous, meaningless parody of learning.

My 10-year-old niece is in front of a screen for hours, doing some stupid “online learning” crap instead of playing outside. Or inside, whatever. Just sitting next to a sibling watching cartoons would be healthier than this.

There’s absolutely nothing anybody needs to learn so urgently that it can’t wait for a couple of months.

I just read that one of the reasons Democrats are holding up the stimulus is because they want funding for more broadband for rural schools to do online learning.

Finally, a generation of kids has a chance to stave off childhood obesity and those idiots want to offer equal opportunity for kids to get obese and depressed.


It looks like clueless, entitled young people will be called millennials for the next 100 years, long after all actual millennials die of extreme old age.

People keep fighting this but “millennial” no longer means “born between this year and that.” It means “a clueless young jerk.” And it’s useless to fight language. It’s going to go where it wants to go.

Also Ran

And by the way. Trump is doing press conferences and giving public updates on the virus every single day. Think what we may about the content of his speeches, he’s giving them. He looks vigorous and… you know… very much alive. Biden, in the meanwhile, isn’t looking much of anything because nobody knows where he is.

Clearly, the Democrats have decided that it’s a really bad idea to win in 2020 knowing what’s coming. In view of this decision, why not give Bernie a shot at winning?