Good Things Are Possible

My sister had to fire her workers last week. Theirs is a business that simply doesn’t exist in the midst of a quarantine. It all seemed completely hopeless.

But you know how long it took her to figure out a way to leverage her personal brand into finding a way to re-hire the workers? One day. And it was the weekend, so the workers didn’t go unpaid.

I’m so, so proud. This is what I admire in people above else. When bad shit happens, you either fall into pieces or you don’t. And you never know in normal circumstances what’s going to come out of you when things get bad.

My #1 goal in life is to see Klara become undefeated like this, and I’ll be ready to move on to a better world.

Get Rid of the Fluff

The college’s administration added to the million and one emails it has already sent in the last week a guide on how the faculty can optimize their snack choices during quarantine.

We have a multitude of non-teaching employees who need to justify their paychecks and the only way they can do it is by bombarding those of us who are actually working with inane emails.

The quarantine has made it extremely clear just how many administrative services on campus are utterly expendable. We could get rid of all these administrative subdivisions and dramatically reduce tuitions. I don’t need any of these services to teach or do research. And not a single student expressed a sense of deprivation now that they aren’t accessible.

Quarantine Habits

What I do a lot less of in quarantine is TV watching. I’m in the habit of watching TV while I do pretty much everything: write, grade, work, cook, fold. But I don’t want to do it in front of Klara so I’ve been TV-free. I don’t really notice the absence which means I was never addicted.

Today I finally had time to clean out my walk-in clothes closet. I have a bad habit of hoarding clothes. They remind me of the things I did 10 or 15 years ago, so even if they are faded, torn, or 6 sizes too small, I can’t let go of them. But Klara helped me clean the closet out today. It took a little over three hours but it’s finally done.

If this quarantine continues, I’ll end up with a shockingly clean house.

Anxiety Emails

The colleagues who are reacting to quarantine by sending endless emails seeking guidance or suggesting tweaks in procedure are people with extreme anxiety issues. The emails are their coping mechanism. It’s how they publicly freak out during social distancing.

If you know somebody who is emailing up a storm with “I just want to clarify” and “just to make completely sure I understand,” reach out privately and offer to chat. This person is suffering from anxiety.

Cynical Bastards

Rent and mortgage payments are due April 1. And the Congress is arguing over the ridiculous concept of corporate board diversity instead of sending checks to citizens. There’s nobody on the planet with an intact brain who thinks there’s any useful purpose to corporate board diversity.

Hence, the only conclusion to draw is that these bastards are dragging it out on purpose to make people suffer. Because they think that’s the only way to get people to vote for a clearly senile candidate in November.


People are saying, “oh wow, how are you managing to take care of a kid all day while working full-time.” What they aren’t getting is that working makes it easier, not harder. I sporadically feel normal throughout the day, I have a reason to dress professionally, I feel competent and in charge whenever I switch into the work mode.