Good Things Are Possible

My sister had to fire her workers last week. Theirs is a business that simply doesn’t exist in the midst of a quarantine. It all seemed completely hopeless.

But you know how long it took her to figure out a way to leverage her personal brand into finding a way to re-hire the workers? One day. And it was the weekend, so the workers didn’t go unpaid.

I’m so, so proud. This is what I admire in people above else. When bad shit happens, you either fall into pieces or you don’t. And you never know in normal circumstances what’s going to come out of you when things get bad.

My #1 goal in life is to see Klara become undefeated like this, and I’ll be ready to move on to a better world.

8 thoughts on “Good Things Are Possible”

  1. Ah, I’ve seen some interesting things on how people are shifting their businesses to survive. Service businesses like nail salons and barber shops are shipping maintenance kits to their customer base. There’s a gift card buying spree to local restaurants in a county nearby. A couple of acquaintances aren’t missing a beat because their employees are virtual anyways (content marketing firm), which is good because they’re self quarantining for two weeks.

    I know there are hiring sprees at pharmacies, delivery warehouses, food prep and for all kinds of delivery workers in the US. But not necessarily the kinds of workers and companies for whom your sister finds (found) contracts.


  2. Concerned about your health situation but glad you’re getting sleep. I stay up too late and it is a bad thing, I need to learn to stop


      1. // The most recent verdict is that “it’s probably not cancer,” so that’s good

        Sincerely hope you will soon hear it definitely isn’t , and hope your healthcare and all medical checks haven’t been affected by the virus situation.

        Don’t know if it’s helping: the professor guiding me through the final exam for the MA did have cancer several years before I finished studying, and she did beat it. Hope you’ll overcome a much lesser disease.


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