Bernie Doesn’t Disappoint

Everybody should watch the video of Bernie going off in the Senate and feel ashamed that they chose poor confused Biden over him.

Different Journalists

The journalists at the virus press briefings make Pence, Fauci, Brix and even Trump look like serious, competent adults trying to pacify a roomful of pouty toddlers.

“How many deaths are acceptable?” asks one journalist. The question clearly isn’t trying to elicit any information that would be valuable to the public at such a difficult moment. The whole point of the question is to get a “gotcha, Trump” moment and garner a few thousand retweets.

Almost every journalist at the briefings is only interested in building a personal brand and is completely indifferent to the task of informing the public.

For professional reasons, I’ve been following the work of some journalists in Guatemala and El Salvador. The contrast between these professional, serious, wonderful people and the stupid pouty JimAcostas and Co we have in this country is striking.

Canadian Stimulus

What Canada seems to be offering right now is a tiny bump for the unemployment benefit to those who lost their jobs because of the pandemic. Nothing like “$2,000 to everybody,” like some Twittertwats seem to think.

Although Canada could absolutely afford to send $2K to everybody with its tiny population and sky-high taxes. And I hope it does, at least to the lower income brackets. Just send money, Canada!

I’m wasting my time, of course, because a Canadian relative has been waiting for three weeks to get his regular unemployment benefit. (Got fired right before the pandemic, such bad luck). Imagine how long it will take to get the stimulus money.

Sociability Lesson

The quarantine is also having a good impact on the sociability skills of the local folks. The parents of Klara’s classmates who have spent 3 years pretending not to notice me and each other see me walking around the neighborhood out of their windows, crash through the doors, stagger out, and yell,

“Hello! It’s me, Jamie’s Dad! Remember me??? Jamie isn’t here but I’m so, so glad to see you!!”

Even I caught myself writing long, lyrical emails to overseas colleagues who normally don’t get much beyond “I acknowledge receipt of your chapter” from me.

Too Much Cuomo

Every news channel is going nuts over how amazing Cuomo is doing. I’m not sure what it is he’s doing so well when they have the worst outbreak in the country and no idea how to control it.

To me it looks like here in Illinois we are doing much much better. Chicago is a big city, too, and we don’t have anything like the infection rates of New York.

Suggestion for the Future

We are back from a 3-hour-long walk around our residential area, and I can say that if this quarantine continues, childhood obesity will be defeated. I’ve never seen this many kids outside, biking, playing sports, running, etc. It’s really amazing.

I think we need to reorient our entire lifestyle as a society so that people work more from home and kids roam outside more.