Different Journalists

The journalists at the virus press briefings make Pence, Fauci, Brix and even Trump look like serious, competent adults trying to pacify a roomful of pouty toddlers.

“How many deaths are acceptable?” asks one journalist. The question clearly isn’t trying to elicit any information that would be valuable to the public at such a difficult moment. The whole point of the question is to get a “gotcha, Trump” moment and garner a few thousand retweets.

Almost every journalist at the briefings is only interested in building a personal brand and is completely indifferent to the task of informing the public.

For professional reasons, I’ve been following the work of some journalists in Guatemala and El Salvador. The contrast between these professional, serious, wonderful people and the stupid pouty JimAcostas and Co we have in this country is striking.

5 thoughts on “Different Journalists”

  1. I mean, what are they supposed to say when the president implies he is going to lift quarantine before an epidemic is squashed? What the president said was nuts and he deserves serious pushback. You heard the what the Lt. Gov of Texas said, followed by similar insanity from Brit Hume, and Glen Beck the a bunch of other nutcases. If this becomes a talking point among a significant part of the population then we are all screwed. I am not letting any other politician off the hook either BTW, de Blasio and Cuomo should have shut NYC down 10 days before they did. Everyone is failing at every level. I cant believe anyone can see what happened in 1918, what happened to China, and even what happened to Italy, like 2 seconds ago, ad still be so f-ing stupid.


    1. Saying that the end of quarantine is in sight is the only way to get people to stay inside today and tomorrow. It’s basic human psychology. The moment you declare that this might go on until August, or even next March, everybody heads out the door right then.

      And let’s stop the ridiculous panic about “EVERYBODY FAILING.” This isn’t China or Italy and it’s definitely not 1918 where there was a world war going on and the population was already weakened by hunger and privation.


  2. Though we have improved technology and no war, the virus itself seems to have similar parameters as the flu in 1918. Look at the death rate in Korea, it has crept up to about 1.3 percent, it will go higher mu guess is between 1.5 and 2 percent. We will not loose as many people as we did 100 years ago, but ever time we have belated and patchwork responses we allow the virus the spread more. Florida seems to be dropping the ball, Georgia only has a patchwork of shelter in place orders. I think we can see from Italy that half measures dont work right now. Since we have no immunity to this thing, and we let it get to the point where we have too many infection per population we have no choice but the hide for a while. You can look at a plot of infections in the fall of 1918 when the infection rate inflected and went down due to quarantine measures, the local governments lifted restrictions too soon and the rate when skyrocketing.
    I do believe that once we get the infection rate down below a certain threshold and have massive testing and contact tracing in place we will be able to open up again, like Korea and Singapore. I hope that we can get the infection rate down sooner rather than later, again if we look at the data from Korea it is pretty encouraging about how fast new infection fell off the peak. I hope we can be more like Korea than Italy, my concern is that our infections are already decentralized. I would feel better if there were a full rather than partial 2 week lockdown in any state with 1a threshold infection rate per population.


  3. I haven’t seen these journalists but just in general: in the US the idea of free speech / free thought means people are not interested in facts or rigor or precision, just in emoting and repeating rumors, and saying they are “representing both sides.” “News” is “so and so said such and such.” Elsewhere where general education is more rigorous and intellectual levels are higher, even those who can’t read demand better reporting than we get here. (Or so I say when feeling bitter)


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