The Last Thing

What was the last thing you did before starting your quarantine? My sister bought a bucket of sunflower seeds and a Ukrainian cake (it’s her birthday month). I rushed to a beauty salon and was their very last client as they locked up for the quarantine.

What was yours?

7 thoughts on “The Last Thing”

  1. Visiting my parents, celebrating my birthday with them, and later celebrating a friends birthday. My parents live in a different city and my dad is immunocompromised so I’m getting used to the idea I might not visit them until there is a vaccine (I rely on public transport). I don’t think they have quite realised the danger from this virus yet and for how long they might have to self isolate.


  2. “the last thing you did before starting your quarantine?”

    I’m going to count the last time I was at work at a meeting for the unit I’m in now… two weeks ago. That evening I got the email cancelling classes (originally fir two weeks, now until further notice…).
    I’ve only gone shopping a few times to top up supplies…. and so it goes.


  3. I’m not starting any kind of quarantine; I’m “essential.” There’s all kinds of thing I should’ve done before others did, like getting a haircut, but I didn’t.


  4. Stocked up on laundry detergent, and visited two little Asian grocery shops to top off the pantry. I don’t care about running out of TP, but running out of the good curry paste would be an emergency!


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