Too Much Cuomo

Every news channel is going nuts over how amazing Cuomo is doing. I’m not sure what it is he’s doing so well when they have the worst outbreak in the country and no idea how to control it.

To me it looks like here in Illinois we are doing much much better. Chicago is a big city, too, and we don’t have anything like the infection rates of New York.

10 thoughts on “Too Much Cuomo”

  1. Reply to:Too Much Cuomo

    People are comparing Cuomo to Trump. Cuomo is competent, coherent, and getting things done with the resources he has. Trump is coming across as having a warped value system, not using the emergency powers he has been given by Congress. Maybe he does not want to accomplish something in fighting the COVID 19 pandemic. He knows how serious it is, but apparently places a higher value on keeping the economy strong even if a million or so people die from it.

    This situation reminds me of the polio epidemics I lived through in the early 1950s, before any vaccines were available. They left several of my friends paralyzed. This is far worse.


    1. Why shouldn’t he want to save the economy? There are 40,000 deaths for every +1% in unemployment. This means +10% is half a million dead. Why shouldn’t that be a concern?

      The willingness of people to stay inside hinges on Trump’s capacity to persuade them they’ll be out soon and the economy will not collapse in the meantime. And 60% of the country thinks he’s doing it well.


  2. “People are comparing Cuomo to Trump.”

    People are also comparing him to Biden, who is coming across as an incoherent old codger while he desperately tries to figure out how to stay visible and “presidental” during the corona panic.

    In case you’ve missed it, Biden attempted to read a prepared statement from a teleprompter Monday, fumbled through several appearances on MSNBC and CNN yesterday, and today held a live “press conference” in his home, where he essentially said that he wouldn’t take part in any more debates with Sanders because “It’s time to concentrate on the crisis at hand.” (NOTE: Sanders wants an April debate — meaning that he isn’t dropping out of the race anytime soon.)

    Some panicky Democrats are talking about a “draft Cuomo” movement to run against Trump in November.

    So there’s still some comedy relief to be found on television!


  3. More political news: The Senate FINALLY passed the ultra-urgent stimulus bill that will “send a check to most Americans” — and guess what?

    The bastards aren’t going to send me a dime! (Yes, I’m in a bad mood. How’d you guess?)


    1. Is there a calculator where I can find how much I’ll get? I’m not good at arithmetic and I got defeated by “minus $5 per every $100 over the limit.”


      1. If the current Senate bill becomes law after reconciliation with the House version, here’s how you and N and Klara will make out:

        Under the plan, individuals who earned $75,000 in adjusted 2018 gross income or less would get direct payments of $1,200 each, with married couples earning up to $150,000 receiving $2,400 — and an additional $500 per each child. The payment would scale down by income above $150,000 for couples, phasing out entirely at $99,000 for singles (like yours truly, Dreidel) and at $198,000 for couples without children. (Since you and N have a child, the law as published isn’t clear as to whether you will get any $ for Klara if your combined income is over $198,000.)

        Hope that helps! 🙂


  4. He’s busting out with a lot of stuff last minute and talking tough. For people who don’t pay much attention and listen too much to media narratives, it seems impressive. My friends who live in NYC are not impressed. New York has handled this horribly.


  5. Yeah, he is not amazing. But comparing NYC with Chicago has its limits. Many more people travel to NYC, no? It makes sense NYC is hit harder.

    About a disease for the rich, do you know where most covid19 cases are in Montreal? Westmount, Côte St-Luc, Outremont, TMR, and NDG CDN. Then downtown. So unsurprising.


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