Price of Food

Did groceries become more expensive? Or am I buying more expensive stuff because I subconsciously feel like it’s YOLO time?

I just paid $240 for groceries for the week. I’ve never paid anything like that. We very rarely eat out and never do takeout, so it’s not that we suddenly eat at home more. The only person who used to eat outside the home is Klara, and it’s not her food that’s inflating my grocery bill.

Does anybody else feel like food costs more?

15 thoughts on “Price of Food”

  1. Where do you normally get groceries? How much do you normally travel for groceries? And how much did you buy because you’re limiting shopping trips?


    1. I do go a lot more rarely, I guess. I go to the same place except for now they banned reusable bags and built a protective plastic cage around cashiers.


        1. It’s like a protective booth. It’s a great idea in principle but yesterday the cashier behind me rubbed against about 10 times because she was constantly leaving the booth and coming back. Any measure is only as good as the people’s desire to follow it.


  2. Take my word for it, YOLO lasts a long time.

    The day will come when a teenage Klara smirks that her mother is old enough to remember the transient coronavirus threat. She’ll have her vaccination for it and the other various annually recurring versions of the flu, and so will you and I.


  3. Yes, there have been two increases in food prices: (1) the backdoor increase caused by shrinking package sizes, and (2) straight increases. The first means you have to buy more packages to get the same amount of product (e.g., sausage packages with 6 pieces instead of 8). At the same time, farmers are getting paid less, so you can draw your own conclusion as to where the money is going.


  4. I haven’t been grocery shopping since the quarantine… couple weeks now? So not sure about current prices. But we had noticed a modest jump in some prices Jan-Feb. Meat, particularly. Seemed like I was buying the same things as always, but totals on receipt jumped.


  5. In the past 4 weeks, the price of pasta increased 30% and the price of storable milk by 25%. There has been a severe shortage of meat leading to some spot price gouging but no real info there. Overall though, yes, prices have gone up.


    1. I tried buying chicken for a barbecue, and I realized I couldn’t take as much as I wanted because the price was ridiculous. So locally, there’s definitely a problem.


      1. May I ask if your nation is an exporter of that kind of food? Here in Australia we export twice as much as we eat, and so are quite sensitive to foreign shortages. Every time something goes wrong overseas, there seems to be a bit of a supply pinch, cancellation of discounting, and following jump in price.

        To illustrate, I was convinced that things were serious in China weeks before anyone made a fuss about it, simply by noticing changes in pricing and discounting at the local store of, of all things, milk. It went from 90c per liter to $1.00, and then a few weeks later, to $1.25.

        The price change obviously doesn’t change consumption patterns very much, but on a percentage basis is quite enormous. Wouldn’t be surprised if there is another one soon.


  6. I don’t know whether the cost of toilet paper and vodka has gone up or not — there aren’t ANY of EITHER in stock anywhere in the Phoenix metropolitan area, including the local military exchange (where the troops are running around in face masks and rubber gloves).

    Fortunately, Omaha Steaks is still delivering, and Law & Order reruns are still on television.


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