Not Ready to Come Out

Today’s tweet from UK’s Metropolitan Police:

Are you a victim or witness of hate crime related to the COVID-19 pandemic?

We do not tolerate hatred or abuse directed at communities because of their race, religion, disability, sexual orientation or gender identity.

If you experience hate crime, please tell us & we will act.

No, we aren’t ready to come out of quarantine. We need to stay in until we figure out how to move away from a reality where this kind of tweet is possible.

Hoax Acceptance Ratio

Many people live in the bubble where it’s possible for them to believe all of these insane, ridiculous stories about how Trump called the pandemic a hoax, refused to send supplies to Michigan because the governor is female, that somebody died in Arizona because he “self-medicated with a drug” that Trump recommended on TV, that Trump cut funding for pandemic preparedness, etc.

These are the people who witnessed the Mueller hoax, the Ukrainian hoax, the Jussie Smollett hoax, the Covington hoax, the Kavanaugh hoax, etc, and are still unshaken in their belief system. Curiously, the willingness to accept these hoaxes uncritically is in direct proportion to the number of degrees people hold.

Not Omnipotent

832 people died from coronavirus in Spain in just one day.

According to the Health Ministry, a quarter of healthcare workers will be infected because there’s not nearly enough protective gear.

That evil Trump! He had ample time to prepare! If it weren’t for him, we’d be doing just as great as Spain or Italy.

It’s funny but MAGA people don’t think Trump is anywhere as omnipotent as the anti-MAGA folks believe him to be.


Because of the quarantine I’m discovering interesting facts about myself.

My perfect, most natural sleep schedule is going to bed at 1:10 am (yes, it’s that precise) and getting up at 9:40. (I wake up 5 times a night, so I don’t really sleep that long.)

Klara is also discovering things. After a 3-year break, she realized she does like her stroller after all. I loved walking with her in the stroller when she was a baby. Those were truly the most enjoyable moments of my entire life. But as soon as she were able to say “no,” she refused to go in the stroller. And now all of a sudden she rediscovered the joy of riding in it. We go on 3-hour walks every day. People look at us like we are insane because she barely fits and we have animated conversations the whole time but the bonus of being an old mom is that I don’t give a toss what anybody thinks.

Inconsistent Branding

One of the most unusual and extremely valuable things is when you read somebody for years and still get fresh insight from them.

Take this post for example. I always wondered why people act so confused and even hurt and betrayed when I say I very sincerely love the Dr Phil Show, Sophie Hannah’s mysteries, or The Profit. And now I finally get it. People get confused by inconsistent branding. And they don’t understand that a human being isn’t really a brand. It’s just a game we play but even the most primitive among us are way more complex than that.

Pandemic Questions

So remember all those videos from China early in January of people dropping dead from coronavirus in the streets?

We all know now they were fake. But why were they appearing if not to scare us shitless? I mean, imagine if I start posting fake videos of people dropping dead in my small Midwestern town. This isn’t a totalitarian regime yet I’m pretty sure I’ll have to explain what the hell I’m doing pretty fast.

Given the oversize presence of diversity apparatchiks on every campus, how easy do you think it’s going to be for anybody to do any research on what really happened and how this pandemic came about? The academics who aren’t completely brainwashed only discuss this stuff from anonymous secret email accounts. Everybody is too scared.