Because of the quarantine I’m discovering interesting facts about myself.

My perfect, most natural sleep schedule is going to bed at 1:10 am (yes, it’s that precise) and getting up at 9:40. (I wake up 5 times a night, so I don’t really sleep that long.)

Klara is also discovering things. After a 3-year break, she realized she does like her stroller after all. I loved walking with her in the stroller when she was a baby. Those were truly the most enjoyable moments of my entire life. But as soon as she were able to say “no,” she refused to go in the stroller. And now all of a sudden she rediscovered the joy of riding in it. We go on 3-hour walks every day. People look at us like we are insane because she barely fits and we have animated conversations the whole time but the bonus of being an old mom is that I don’t give a toss what anybody thinks.

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