Inconsistent Branding

One of the most unusual and extremely valuable things is when you read somebody for years and still get fresh insight from them.

Take this post for example. I always wondered why people act so confused and even hurt and betrayed when I say I very sincerely love the Dr Phil Show, Sophie Hannah’s mysteries, or The Profit. And now I finally get it. People get confused by inconsistent branding. And they don’t understand that a human being isn’t really a brand. It’s just a game we play but even the most primitive among us are way more complex than that.

One thought on “Inconsistent Branding”

  1. I never thought it was some clash with your…brand? Because I didn’t think it was part of your “brand”

    Of course, once you started saying different things, I simply reframed them as a label change. Then I picked up on two seemingly unrelated posts to explain the whole change to myself. So I am guilty of this type of thinking as well. 🙂


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