Not Omnipotent

832 people died from coronavirus in Spain in just one day.

According to the Health Ministry, a quarter of healthcare workers will be infected because there’s not nearly enough protective gear.

That evil Trump! He had ample time to prepare! If it weren’t for him, we’d be doing just as great as Spain or Italy.

It’s funny but MAGA people don’t think Trump is anywhere as omnipotent as the anti-MAGA folks believe him to be.

6 thoughts on “Not Omnipotent”

  1. In Israel, we also have the situation of “there’s not nearly enough protective gear” and a lack of corona testing kits.

    Trump is not responsible for this, but my government definitely is. Instead of getting the clue from China and then Italy, we had elections after elections and nobody cared to start sounding the alarm till 11th hour. 😦

    “Israel now has 3,460 confirmed cases of coronavirus. … Of that number, 50 people are in serious condition, 73 are in moderate condition and the rest have light symptoms. ”

    12 people have already died.


  2. Wait, is Netanyahu omnipotent? Would you disagree with saying he shares the responsibility for our present situation of no testing kits and insufficient protective gear?

    I get Trump references can get on one’s mind after incessant progressive lamentations since his election, but here he does have a responsibility and did nothing till the epidemic reached America.

    It’s a bit like the boy crying ‘wolf’ from a fable. When Trump did drop the ball, people don’t want to see it. Moreover,

    ABC News/WaPo Poll: Trump approval at highest ever, majority approve of handling of pandemic

    On the political front, President Trump narrowly wins approval for his handling of the outbreak, and his overall approval rating has grown five percentage points since February, to 48 percent, even as most Americans say he was too slow to take action in the early days of the virus’s spread. The rise in Trump’s approval rating, however, is far smaller than some other presidents have experienced in times of national crisis….

    Wouldn’t Obama have reacted earlier?


  3. Trump’s handling of this has been bad, but I agree, it’s not uniquely bad. There are all sorts of politicians all over the world at every level of government who have handled and continue to handle this badly.

    I live in a deep blue county with multiple large hospitals with large medical, nursing, and public health programs at my university. We have lots of experts and facilities here and still it is being handled poorly. Our county has over 60 confirmed cases and several deaths and some local politicians are pushing for a local shelter in place order to shut down even more businesses and to tighten safety measures at pharmacies and grocery stores. The county director of public health keeps saying that the situation is “not bad enough yet” to warrant a county wide shelter in place order. I have no formal training in public health, but it seems clear from his statements that he thinks he can’t issue the shelter in place order for the county until our local hospitals are overwhelmed and at that point it will be too late to really be effective. It’s maddening and almost every single local official here is a Democrat.


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