Pandemic Questions

So remember all those videos from China early in January of people dropping dead from coronavirus in the streets?

We all know now they were fake. But why were they appearing if not to scare us shitless? I mean, imagine if I start posting fake videos of people dropping dead in my small Midwestern town. This isn’t a totalitarian regime yet I’m pretty sure I’ll have to explain what the hell I’m doing pretty fast.

Given the oversize presence of diversity apparatchiks on every campus, how easy do you think it’s going to be for anybody to do any research on what really happened and how this pandemic came about? The academics who aren’t completely brainwashed only discuss this stuff from anonymous secret email accounts. Everybody is too scared.

One thought on “Pandemic Questions”

  1. Another political issue which is becoming relevant is the question of sanctions against certain countries. Just read a long article (link below) on Russian authorities spreading fake information about the virus and trying to use it as a pretext for lifting the sanctions, while adding a nice dose of anti-EU and anti-Ukrainian propaganda.

    I say “pretext” since the main Russian channel has been sending the message “it’s just a flu” for days and since Putin sounded particularly weird and ‘not all there’ in his conversation with Russian business representatives that I watched on TV. It was strange even for him imo.

    The pandemic is only starting in Russia, so Putin will have plenty of time to disseminate his message and shift responsibility over the numerous crises he helped to create to the virus and ‘unjust’ sanctions.

    Since I live in the Middle East, I cannot help wondering how many people here are against lifting Russian sanctions but for lifting Iranian ones and why. Is Iran less dangerous to its neighbors that Russia is to hers?

    Вирус пропаганды. Как Кремль распространяет фейки о коронавирусе и использует пандемию для отмены санкций


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