Global Welfare Is Impossible

I’m hoping that the complete blasted ineptitude of WHO – which is still denying that masks work and avoids answering questions by pretending that the connection cut out – will dispel the insane belief in the possibility of a global welfare system.

If you feel tempted to ask who believes in it, I address you to the first Democratic primary debate of 2019 and ask you to observe every single person on the stage.

One thought on “Global Welfare Is Impossible”

  1. It has been my experience that people will demand and/or go along with impossible things that they wish to be achievable, even when confronted with an abundance of evidence to the contrary. The only time that seems to change is when people experience a lot of pain & suffering that directly and obviously arises from a decision and/or bad beliefs.

    The emergence of the NAZI party is a good thing to look at. In the beginning, they weren’t too different from the Democrats. In all likelihood, the Democrats will tread the same path, at least for a while.


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