My resting heart rate has gone down from 74 to 61 during the quarantine. This is very good because 60 is my normal resting heart rate but it’s gone up by 15 points in the last couple of years.

It goes down a point a day, so it’s a consistent change. The reasons are:

1. I get a lot more sleep.

2. I spend a lot less time than usual sitting and definitely a lot less time lying down and watching TV.

3. I’m abnormally (for me) physically active and take several-hour-long walks outside daily.

A secret to a good resting heart rate is to stop resting.

One thought on “RHR”

  1. Since the beginning of this year my resting heart rate has gone up one beat to 51 from the 50bpm that I recorded from 30 Aug 2019 to the beginning of the year. The slow heart rate is of some concern at times but I feel good and my medical provider does not seem concerned so I guess I’ll just go with it.


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