Trump Scandal of the Day

Did you hear that Trump had the gall to invite to his coronavirus briefing a guy who retooled his whole factory to manufacture 50,000 masks a day? That’s so evil! It’s got to be evil because people on social media are flipping out about it so much that at first I thought maybe Trump ate the guy who is manufacturing the masks.

People are really scraping the bottom in search of reasons for outrage. Earlier in the day, there was a big dustup on Twitter when somebody dug up a photo of the French scientist who is testing the medicine for coronavirus that Trump said might be helpful. The scientist isn’t very photogenic, so people lost their shit over how Trump can possibly trust such a non-photogenic scientist. No, seriously. It’s a real thing.

But then the mask manufacturer issue came up and now everybody is freaking out over that.

This is fun.

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