Let Them Eat Masks

I’m really over the obnoxious folks who are telling everybody to “wear masks.” Some particularly preachy individuals are suggesting that those who don’t wear masks are driven by vanity and a fear of looking silly.

It’s impossible to buy these masks anywhere. They don’t exist. Telling people to wear masks in this situation sounds like mockery. It’s the modern version of “let them eat cake.”

10 thoughts on “Let Them Eat Masks”

  1. They’re not talking about N95 masks, which protect the wearer from infection if the wearer really knows what they’re doing. These should, indeed, all go to the hospitals. They’re talking about regular cloth face masks, of the sort that half of Asia is wearing every flu season, which are $19.99 a pack on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/s?k=cloth+masks&ref=nb_sb_noss_1 . These protect the people around the wearer in case the wearer is an asymptomatic but still contagious carrier. Also, Czechia appears to have slowed down its growth rate quite a bit by a mask-wearing campaign that involved mostly home-sewn masks- and turning an old pillow sheet and an old tshirt into a packet of masks is so easy even I can do it, and I have two left hands 🙂


      1. No – unfortunately! My relatives came to US in 1865, but then some of them returned later on, rejoining those who had not left. We have always been in touch with them but I would write in French — now English or Google Translate. Our patriarch is Александр Вениаминович Бари. His father Benjamin Moses Bary (my 2d great grandfather, who came to the US) converted to Lutheranism but it’s a Jewish family


  2. Heh. Asians don’t wear masks for “flu season”. They wear them all year ’round, for several reasons: air pollution, motorbikes + road dust, epidemic diseases from China, and, most importantly, to avoid getting a tan, which can cause you to turn black and never find a husband.


  3. I decided that we will start wearing homemade ones. I sew so I think I can make a bunch. We’ve been very good about isolation but we still have to go grocery shopping and out to the feed store (I have a farm). It just seems like every small thing we can do right now could help. Even if that small thing is normalizing masks for other people.

    All that to say I am happy to make them for you if you’d like. I have some cute fabric left over from some quilts so they wouldn’t be too ugly.


    1. That’s such a sweet thing to say. Would you? Because I’m quite desperate to get one but if I try to sew, it will be worse than not having one, I think.


      1. I don’t have a sewing machine but I can sew by hand like a boss (thank you, childhood spent sewing clothes for dolls), so I think I will try making homemade ones.


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