I’m the only person in my family who would be happy if the quarantine ended tomorrow. I asked N if he minds the quarantine.

“Mind?” he said. “I feel like I only just started living.”

He walks around the house looking so radiant that it’s almost embarrassing to watch.

You won’t be surprised to find out that my father and my sister’s husband are exactly this way, too.

13 thoughts on “Radiant”

  1. Well, I hate to sound as callous as your immediate family about all the bodies piling up in the neighborhood, but the quarantine does have its pluses:

    No more having to meet social obligations to attend get-togethers of local organizations that I voluntarily belong to and enjoy, but feel meet too often (monthly as opposed to quarterly).

    No more having to prepare for strangers (my local maids cleaning service) invading the sanctity of my house every three weeks ( when neither me or my cat gets the residence dirty that often), but scheduling less frequent service would increase the service cost-per-visit substantially.

    No more having to tell political activists to quit beating on my front door every other day because I’m a Republican and wouldn’t vote for Warren/Bernie/Sanders if they put a gun to my head. (Ditto for the Latter-Day Saints religious nuts.)

    Not having to let the grocery delivery boy track dirty shoes all over the carpet in my front room to place groceries on the island in my pristine kitchen, when he’s now required to leave them just outside my front door. (Just have him lay the items down a stretched-out large garbage bag placed n the foyer sidewalk so they stay clean.)

    No more insistence from my dental service that I need to come in for my traditional six-month dental cleaning/checkup when I know damn well that nine-months will do.

    Ditto for my annual medicare exam by my primary care doctor when I’m healthier than he has, and a checkup at eighteen months will work just fine.

    No more having to shower and shave daily like a robotic “Mr. Good Citizen,” when I’m not going to be going outside or expecting visitors anytime soon. A shower every three days — and a do-it-yourself haircut every three months — works just fine.

    An uninterrupted chance to “treasure my own company” and catch up on activities that I want to do — binge watch old episodes of Boris Karloff’s Thriller, finally edit some of my old hack horror stories to get them ready for publication, try some new cooking techniques that I’ve always been interested in, make a schedule that allows me to rigidly follow my ideal home exercise routine, etc., etc.

    Yeah, some of us can survive this pandemic in safety and style.


    1. There is nothing preventing you from attending organizational meetings less often, cancelling your cleaning service, avoiding the doctor and dentist, and cutting back on your grooming before the pandemic. You can live this way all the time!

      You could even wash your hands less often and less thoroughly in addition to not showering as much or changing your clothes. It’s not like you have to disinfect all the surfaces of your home repeatedly if you never go out and you’re the only person touching them. No need to chap your hands, at all!

      As long as the power and the cable don’t go out, and the delivery boy doesn’t deliver covid-19 to you, you will be fine. Despite dire predictions, the postal service seems to be fine — for now.


  2. Since we are sitting inside a flat, pretty much everyone wants for it to end already.

    OT: You mentioned SJWs obsessing about pronouns or Trump’s racism, but there is a real SJ angle to the epidemic:

    Fears of domestic violence rise as millions confined over virus
    ‘Violence, too, has been confined. That’s what we’re afraid of,’ says Martine Brousse, head of Parisian organization La Voix de l’Enfant (The Child’s Voice) with stress caused by social isolation exacerbating tensions and increasing violence against women and children


      1. There are so many assumptions in this paper. They assume that children transmit as much as adults, they assume that everything China is reporting is 100% true, they blindly trust the WHO.


        1. Well, I’m sure they’ll write an assumption-free paper when the epidemic is over.

          Far as I can tell, they assume that children transmit more than adults do just through increased contact, and do seem to be tracking both asymptomatic versus symptomatic transmission rates and age as a variable that affects symptom presence. Could be covered that way.

          Far as I know, the main anomalous thing about China is them reporting actually being able to push their transmissions rates down in comparison to other countries – but the transmission itself rate is more or less consistent across all other countries, so China’s data shouldn’t be needed to verify that bit.

          To get to herd immunity, which seems to be the goal by default if nothing else, you need, what, 60% of the pop to have contracted the virus? US currently has, what, 0.05% known infected? Even if you were to say there’s a hundred asymptomatic or mild cases to every identified one, we’d still be very far away from saturation.

          Even short of any attendant economic or social shocks, it seems like we’re still on the thin end of the tail of how bad Corona is going to get.


  3. I hate to admit it among all that is going on, but I am enjoying the quarantine immensely as well. It’s wonderful to be able to spend so much time with my two-year-old and my six-year-old!


  4. I like it because there is no traffic. I did not realize when I bought this house how close it really was to this road with two lanes going in each direction and how much traffic that road can get. Now there is no noise from it and I can notice nature so much more. It’s beautiful. I do guess I need to build a noise barrier for sure


  5. More in line with the spirit of this thread, I’ve been enjoying the reduced level of the city’s chatter as well. A quiet town at night is my most beloved setting of all, and I’ve been getting not the rare one-off moments of it, but a whole continuous stream. Aside from the reason behind it all, it is glorious.


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