Social Media in Quarantine

One thing that improved dramatically with the quarantine is Twitter. I now go every day. People post interesting, informative stuff. I’ve had to unfollow everybody who was starting to get neurotically competitive (“I taught my 5-year-old math until the eighth grade! And I taught mine to speak 11 languages! And I learned to bake bread and make my own clothes!”), and now it’s almost not annoying. I’m still confused about the sudden obsession with tigers but it’s very informative otherwise.

I have completely dropped Facebook, though. Now that I can’t sell anything there, I never remember to go there at all.

7 thoughts on “Social Media in Quarantine”

  1. The tiger thing is because of a trashy reality series/documentary currently on netflix. I plan on watching it soon. I’m not sure if it’s the kind of thing you’d enjoy but it sounds like exactly my sort of thing.


      1. From what I’m hearing, it’s as much about zany rednecks as it is about the animals. This ain’t a nature documentary, that’s for sure.


        1. We watched Tiger King last weekend. There are lots of animals in the background, but it’s really all about the people. And it is incredibly trashy.

          As far as social media go, I find my Facebook feed has improved tremendously. There are two people who are still posting about Bernie, Biden, and the DNC like it was three weeks ago, but pretty much everyone else is posting funny things to lift everyone’s spirits.


      2. “I love trashy! Especially trashy TV.”

        Have you heard of the Austro-German-Czech Netflix series “Freud”? A murder mystery (with occult overtones and Hungarian intrigue) set in 1880s Vienna and starring everyone’s favorite father of psychoanalysis.
        It owes a lot to Penny Dreadful (which I enjoyed tremendously until it’s slapped together premature ending…).
        It’s big and dumb and trashy and very entertaining… (it goes a bit off the rails in episode 5 but 6 is back in fun form).



  2. I spend way too much time on Twitter under my literary pseud. It’s a nice corner. Some drama, not a lot. Some nice poetry. Publication news. I follow a lot of short-fiction magazines. Animals. Humor. Very little politics. I’ve aggressively muted words that annoy me (people, too), and I have to periodically add new offenders to the muted list, but my timeline is mostly how I like it. I do also enjoy animals (e.g., In Otter News) and humor accounts, like Swear Trek and Riker Googles.


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