Specialty Quarter

Hey, folks, did you see the first specialty quarter of 2020?

11 thoughts on “Specialty Quarter”

  1. Re bats, China is celebrating its victory over the virus by having opened the markets that sell them.

    Rod Dreher linked to the article summarizing China’s revision of history from the beginning till today:

    What stood out for me was:
    A. the revelation WHO may be strongly influenced by China
    B. the similarity between China and Russia both sending defective aid to Europe as a PR exercise
    C. the claim the virus may help China in the long run:

    ““The soft power dividends that China has gained in Africa, and also Europe as well, over the past couple of weeks through both its governmental assistance and the massive donation of masks and other medical supplies by Jack Ma is absolutely enormous,” Eric Olander, managing editor of the nonpartisan China Africa Project, told VICE News.”


      1. ” a huge gift to China weeks ago”

        Any country not led by complete idiots will start disengaging from China… Apparently Australia is livid about this (including Chinese middlemen buying up medical supplies in Australia to send to China leaving nothing behind for Australians…)


  2. What shocked me was this link from Legal Insurrection which shows China has a long history of bringing viruses to US and FBI seems to hardly react to it. How is it legal?

    FBI Tactical Report Describes Chinese Biologist Carrying Viable SARS, MERS Viruses at Detroit Airport in 2018


    The three vials were labeled “Antibodies”.

    // the FBI concluded that the incident, and two other cases cited in the report, were part of an alarming pattern.

    Concerns about Chinese biosafety are not new. For example, the SARS outbreak in 2003 was followed by several incidents of infections caused by laboratory accidents, including eight cases that resulted from mishandling at the Chinese Institute of Virology in Beijing.

    But the FBI’s focus on China and Chinese scientists is also raising concerns among some academics, who fear it smacks of profiling.



  3. Now I started getting why Chinese government is so desperate to hide its responsibility. A Hebrew article tells (adopted from Google translate) :

    “The Tel Aviv District Court will have to decide whether to approve a class action lawsuit against China for the outbreak of the corona epidemic (NIS 100 billion ) – a request was filed Tuesday by the Herzliya Association which seeks to represent all citizens of Israel who were affected by China’s alleged negligence.”

    In America too:

    Lawsuit: China Hid Virus Information, Should Pay Billions
    A lawyer who represented victims of the Las Vegas shooting massacre has filed a federal lawsuit over the coronavirus, seeking class-action damages from China for 32 million U.S. small businesses.


  4. I doubt that China would respect such decisions by US or Israeli courts. I am not sure such decisions are taken seriously even by countries that are ten times smaller than China and do not have nuclear weapons…
    This is about reputation. China wants to be the new leader of the world and therefore must fight perception of bad leadership.


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