Told You So

Watch Tucker’s episode on the paper released by the South China University of Technology on the origins of coronavirus. It’s exactly what my (highly credible and informed) source from China told me in early January.

For those who can’t watch: it came from a lab in Wuhan.

And for those who didn’t read my post: it’s a normal practice in China to take lab animals that were used for experiments out of the lab and bring them home as pets or food.

5 thoughts on “Told You So”

  1. I totally agree with you. It was some low paid clean-up person that wanted a little more income, took a research animal that they were supposed to incinerate, and sold it into the wet meat market. Which was next door to the research facility.


  2. “lab animals … as …food”

    Also, apparently the practice of eating exotic animals seemed to be on the way out and younger generations had little interest in such practices….. until social media! (appropriate sound effect in video)

    Apparently filming oneself eating weird animals became a thing for some Chinese “influencers”…
    Social media is the devil.


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