Viral Dose

Folks, I hope everybody read the great article in the NYTimes on the different dosages of infection:

The importance of viral dose is being overlooked in discussions of the coronavirus. As with any other poison, viruses are usually more dangerous in larger amounts. Small initial exposures tend to lead to mild or asymptomatic infections, while larger doses can be lethal.

The article gives the most helpful, clear explanation of what happens when we leave the quarantine. It’s a very hopeful, good piece.

8 thoughts on “Viral Dose”

  1. related: an American youtuber (knowledgeable about China) has tracked down the likely origin of covid-19.
    (summary) it wasn’t the wet market after all. It was the lab, specifically sometime in late November or early December some researchers were contaminated with bat blood and urine. The body of the probably patient zero (a young woman named Huang Yan Ling, or Yanling) was likely cremated (as per Chinese practice) but for some reason the crematorium workers were not given any information about the virus (China…) and became infected.
    This is all based on public information.
    here’s the video:


  2. This sounded frightening (and not true for high qualified specialists) for a reason I find hard to specify right now:

    // A properly designed #BasicIncome PAYS FOR ITSELF by reducing labor costs, because wages only need to supplement the #BI, not cover the whole cost of living. Employers in the aggregate would remit the same total wages & taxes as before, but more in taxes & less in wages. //

    In 2014, a study found that “Walmart’s low-wage workers cost U.S. taxpayers an estimated $6.2 billion in public assistance including food stamps, Medicaid and subsidized housing,” but it was not presented as a good thing at least.

    From this discussion re countries that “have so far used some form of #castransfer and #basicincome program as #coronavirus response” :


    1. “highly qualified specialists,” not high.

      Since NYTimes paywalls its content, I found the article here (hope it’s the correct one):

      High-Dose Coronavirus Infections Should Worry Us More

      It did make me calmer about food from the shop.

      We have more than 6200 cases with 33 dead. The cities hit the most are where Haredi, ultra-Orthodox population lives. It is true for America and other countries too:

      “Orthodox Jews make up 13% of all confirmed cases in New York, as of last week with authorities attempting to enforce strict quarantine-at-home restrictions after New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced the closure of all synagogues, but the more extreme groups are still refusing to comply.

      Los Angeles is also experiencing a surge in coronavirus cases. Enforcement of restrictions there are also ineffective among the ultra-Orthodox.

      A reported 5% of all fatalities in the U.K. are Jews, though they constitute only 0.3% of British citizens.”


    2. It’s very frustrating when people confuse a one-time assistance in an extraordinary situation with UBI. These are entirely different things.

      But yes, the whole point of UBI is to socialize the costs of doing business. It’s a way of rewarding capital holders for unfair and destructive business practices.


  3. Regarding socializing the costs of doing business, I think this assumption is completely wrong:

    “Employers in the aggregate would remit the same total wages & taxes as before, but more in taxes & less in wages.”

    Large businesses tend to get tax breaks, not tax increases from governments everywhere.

    Paying wages to employees is almost the only thing companies can be forced to do, and this offer releases them even from this limitation / hard cost of doing business.

    Still don’t get who’ll pay all taxes according to this plan. The gutted middle class who’ll receive smaller salaries?

    #BasicIncome looks completely impossible to implement regardless of whether one supports it or not.


    1. “Employers” are not a meaningful category of analysis. There are employers who employ 3-10 people and don’t pay themselves until they have paid their workers. And there are employers like Amazon who will get every bailout, every tax break, every handout, and still not pay a decent wage. The former will be robbed to give even more handouts to the latter in the form of the UBI or anything else.


      1. // The former will be robbed to give even more handouts to the latter in the form of the UBI or anything else.

        The problem is that the former don’t create sufficient wealth to pay for the UBI for Amazon employees on top of everything else.

        And the increasing use of robots f.e. as self-driving cars will have transformative effects of its own. Unsure what those will be yet and how it’ll affect employees and smaller businesses.


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