Disappearing Numbers

The second it becomes impossible to sustain the myth about the exponential growth of COVID deaths in a particular area, all concrete numbers about that area’s death rate magically evaporate from Google. I’ve been conducting this experiment for over a week. And the result is always the same.

Instead, we are offered endless rows of utterly meaningless numbers of “people infected.” The whole point of the exercise is to scare us stiff with the magnitude of the numbers to the point where we forget that “infected” very rarely means “very sick” and almost never “dead.”

Also, the defective test kits China inundated the world with show false positives. That’s up to half of Chinese test kits being defective. So why are we constantly told “the number of cases worldwide”? Cases of what? If most people are asymptomatic and so many of the test kits are broken, why do we need to hear this number? To numb us to the really scary number, which is the suddenly skyrocketing unemployment?

Us and Ours

A Florida official on TV is telling of the shock he experienced when he found out that capital no longer has any national attachments. He’s trying to buy PPEs for US healthcare workers and discovering that US companies prefer to export them because it’s more profitable.

“But our people need them!” the official exclaims. “How can you? It’s for us!”

At least, he’s noticing the contradiction. There are gigantic crowds of people who simultaneously chant “babies in cages” and pout that “our government” doesn’t do enough to protect “us” from the pandemic.

We’ve spent so much time concentrating on pronouns. Just not the ones that actually matter.


I’m sure it’s also a complete coincidence that the masks and the testing kits China is benevolently sending all over the world are over 50% defective.

The location of the wet market is a coincidence, the decline of the Chinese economy on the eve of it all was a coincidence, the disappearance of the doctor who tried to let people know, the 20 million cell phone accounts just evaporating – coincidences, coincidences, coincidences. There’s nothing to see here, move right along, what are you, a racist of some sort?

Virus as an Excuse

The coronavirus originated and is being brandished as a weapon by one totalitarian regime, and now other totalitarian regimes are using it as an excuse for spying on and disciplining their citizens.

For the millionth time, totalitarian regimes are a very, very grave threat to the world. They don’t care how many of “their own” people die. They don’t think that way at all. They only think about proving their ideological point at absolutely any cost.


Everybody is so sorry for the extraverts in quarantine. But how do they think intraverts feel, being locked in with people in a small space which at the same time is constantly invaded through every possible technological channel by panicked colleagues, worried relatives, and bored friends?

Yesterday, people talked to me

  • In person
  • On the phone
  • Through Zoom
  • Through Skype
  • Through FB Messenger
  • Through WhatsApp

It all feels very crowded.