Everybody is so sorry for the extraverts in quarantine. But how do they think intraverts feel, being locked in with people in a small space which at the same time is constantly invaded through every possible technological channel by panicked colleagues, worried relatives, and bored friends?

Yesterday, people talked to me

  • In person
  • On the phone
  • Through Zoom
  • Through Skype
  • Through FB Messenger
  • Through WhatsApp

It all feels very crowded.

8 thoughts on “Crowded”

  1. Exactly. Recently I felt kind of annoyed and drained in the evening, and didn’t understand where the feeling came from, until I realized that I’ve had far too many Zoom and Skype and Facetime and Teams meetings in the last days, all with video. And the constant text messaging by relatives is annoying and distracting as well.


  2. Introverts need their space.

    I’m 4/6 on methods of communication. What I don’t like is the quality of these conversations. I’m currently ignoring multiple people because they keep talking about coronavirus, as in they keep replicating every news channel and feed in existence. And a lot of it is misinformation. I realize this is consuming everyone’s collective minds, but please don’t start off with it and never break off from it.
    “good mor–”
    “Coronavirus, corona virus. And coronavirus?”
    “Yes, coronavirus. ”
    “One simple trick, coronavirus.”
    “Thanks, already saw it. Coronavirus, quarterly reports.”
    “Coronavirus, weather?”
    “Yes, boats.”

    I am, however, recreating the problems of an open office in my abode. It’s extra special because people have lost their hearing and have not realized the joy of headphones.


  3. I spent 4.5 hours on Zoom yesterday, answered I don’t know how many e-mails from students and TAs, and kept up with the family group chat. It’s an exhausting amount of communication.


  4. I am living with six other adult-size people, five of whom are doing on-line college or high school on five very different schedules. I don’t try to keep it straight. One of the five is a senior in high school and it’s just awful, frankly. She is not demanding but I feel a tremendous need to be available to her when she wants to talk. Husband is technically “retired” but sits on the board of several companies and takes an active hand in running our farm. Honestly, the only routine comes from me (exercise class at 8, fix dinner around 6:30) and the whole thing is kind of exhausting.


  5. I have been seeing an analyst for several years through video (started in person, but she moved out of state). I have not been and will not be seeing her at all during the quarantine because I have no privacy (yes to have a group meeting or chat with a friend, not the level needed to open up for analysis) and, since this is something that’s mine alone, I don’t want to bring it up with family. I used to see the analyst when I was at work, the only place where I would be left the fuck alone. That’s no longer an option.


    1. Gosh, that sucks. It’s definitely not something one wants to do with the family around, so I totally get it.

      Also, many people don’t understand that it’s very possible to love your family to bits and simultaneously to need to be away from them (and everybody else) for at least some time every day.


  6. Yesterday NOBODY talked to me — not in person, and not through any electronic means. I don’t expect any conversation today either, and that suits me just fine.

    I’m definitely not an introvert, but after decades of working in hospitals and in the military where I was constantly surrounded by hordes of people, it’s nice finally to be able to be alone!


  7. I am enjoying quarantine– I don’t have to go anywhere, it’s nice. My car battery died because the car hasn’t been run in so long. But my phone is still too busy. Both siblings, husband, and at least one parent call me every day. Just to chat. Not much to talk about since yesterday…


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