Virus as an Excuse

The coronavirus originated and is being brandished as a weapon by one totalitarian regime, and now other totalitarian regimes are using it as an excuse for spying on and disciplining their citizens.

For the millionth time, totalitarian regimes are a very, very grave threat to the world. They don’t care how many of “their own” people die. They don’t think that way at all. They only think about proving their ideological point at absolutely any cost.

3 thoughts on “Virus as an Excuse”

    1. It gets worse. Turkmenistan banned the use of the word “coronavirus” and is jailing people for wearing masks. And Turkmenistan has wide open borders because they have no resources to keep them closed. We can stay in quarantine all we want but the moment we get out, our friends in Turkmenistan will be sending the virus right back to us.

      They have an authoritarian rule in Turkmenistan.


  1. Russia seems to be one of those countries where strictness of the rules is compensated by people’s desire to get rich quick, while doing a lousy job and disregarding the rules and common sense. Imagine, using Estonian IT solutions and servers in Estonia and Germany at the time of anti-Western hysteria…
    It is China that really scares me…


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