Secret Fantasies

Wow, people are really freaking out about Trump’s model joke. And most of them are middle-aged men.

It’s funny how easily people betray their secret fantasies.

One thought on “Secret Fantasies”

  1. Kind of the way any FB news blurb where some horrible thing happens to a child will immediately be swarmed by internet harpies attacking the child’s parents along the lines of “I would NEVER [let my child out of sight, allow my child to take any risk whatsoever, harm my child in any way etc.], what a terrible parent that person must be! Firing squad!” They’re all women. Women with kids.

    But then, the modern progressive left is one giant seething mass of shadow projection AFAICT. Anything they accuse others of doing, you can be sure they’re guilty of themselves. Self-awareness is something our culture strongly discourages: advertising doesn’t work on self-aware people.


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