Crisis Correspondence

Businesses are understandably worried about survival these days. They address this anxiety by filling customers’ inboxes with deeply idiotic emails.

“Date Night In?” asks a local clothing store in the subject line.

No, you smug bastard, actually we are going to a popular restaurant and then to an art exhibit while our kid is at a sleepover with a bunch of friends. Of course, it’s date night in with our kid jumping on our heads non-stop. Got any more questions?

Rule #1 of crisis correspondence:

If you want people to click, don’t be a clueless dick.

Helping Cartels

One of the weirder ideas out there is that legalizing drugs will do away with drug cartels. It’s based on absolutely zero evidence. Legalization of heroin in the US in the firm of opioids like Oxycodone did the exact opposite. It created drug cartels in Mexico.

When a drug is legalized, that helps and strengthens drug cartels. The government does the job of normalizing drug use and doing the marketing for them. Many of the people who buy legally eventually start buying from cartels because cartels sell it cheaper. And they sell cheaper because they don’t pay taxes on their drugs.

All of this isn’t my assumption. It already happened exactly like I’m describing with the opioid epidemic. People started with the legal Oxy and ended up on illegal heroin because it was cheaper. No government can compete with a cartel on the price. So cartels celebrate legalization.

As a character in a Mexican novel I’m reading says, “Gallons of blood are spilled on our side of the border so that stupid gringo kids can enjoy cheap drugs on spring break. It’s fun and giggles for them and a vale of tears for us.”

Why Is Interlibrary Loan Closed?

And why exactly can’t university library workers be at work and send us books? If there is a workplace with mountains of space between workers it’s a library. Libraries are extremely understaffed. A worker wouldn’t meet a soul in the stacks for years. You want social distancing? These workers will be better isolated at work than at home.

It’s very very hard to do my research without interlibrary loan for books. And I really don’t want to start suspecting that we are being schooled into accepting life without libraries.

Counting Deaths

Remember the newborn in CT who supposedly died of coronavirus?

Testing confirmed last night that the newborn was COVID-19 positive. This is absolutely heartbreaking. We believe this is one of the youngest lives lost anywhere due to complications relating to COVID-19.

The case is actually being investigated by the state police as a possible crime. There’s absolutely zero data supporting the possibility that this is a COVID death.

Many deaths are being counted as COVID because the dead person tests positive for the virus. As we know, the overwhelming majority of people infected are asymptomatic. They can still die of other causes, though.

There’s evidence of a sustained effort by state governors to present every death as COVID-related by inflating death stats and changing coding practices. The governor of CT freaked out crowds of parents for nothing.