Counting Deaths

Remember the newborn in CT who supposedly died of coronavirus?

Testing confirmed last night that the newborn was COVID-19 positive. This is absolutely heartbreaking. We believe this is one of the youngest lives lost anywhere due to complications relating to COVID-19.

The case is actually being investigated by the state police as a possible crime. There’s absolutely zero data supporting the possibility that this is a COVID death.

Many deaths are being counted as COVID because the dead person tests positive for the virus. As we know, the overwhelming majority of people infected are asymptomatic. They can still die of other causes, though.

There’s evidence of a sustained effort by state governors to present every death as COVID-related by inflating death stats and changing coding practices. The governor of CT freaked out crowds of parents for nothing.

2 thoughts on “Counting Deaths”

  1. No, I congratulate Clarissa on publicizing this misrepresentation to the public. This is just one example of the western world’s “political pandemic” strategy. Yes, there certainly is a contagion. a respiratory viral illness. But it isn’t anything like how it is being represented. The motive for promoting a panic among the populace is to ram through police-state conditions that will take on a life of their own and permantly alter the kind of societies our children and grand-children will live in. The powers of the police-state become addictive to those who exercise them, and become self-perpetuating. The trans-national rich never let a crisis or disaster go to waste. If this were just a U.S.A. federal – state government financing thing, all western world governments would not be engaging in the same set of panic-inducing misrepresentations.


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