Rubbing It In

The local clothing store keeps rubbing it in. With a razor.

“Party for one?” today’s email asks in what feels like a mocking tone.

They used to be completely normal before this virus.

Inner Totalitarian

All of those people snitching on others for not social distancing enough are the exact same kind of folks who wrote seven million statements denouncing their friends and neighbors during the Stalinist era.

And they had the same excuse, too. It was all for the higher good. Totalitarianism always acts in the name of the higher good.

It’s interesting to see how an inner totalitarian climbs out of the depths of some people’s psyches.

COVID Hoaxes

A new genre of COVID hoaxes has arisen. Wannabe social media stars and third-rate actresses are posing as distressed medical personnel or affected victims. Here’s an example:

In tears, a nurse says she quit her job after she was asked to work in a coronavirus ICU without a face mask: “America is not prepared, and nurses are not being protected”

This was reported uncritically and without any vetting by CBS. It turned out to be a complete fraud. The “nurse” backtracked completely within a day because the hoax was so evident. But a crowd of doommongers have spread this fake as real news.

Patiently Waiting

In the entire state of Florida, 85 people were hospitalized yesterday with COVID. But at least Florida respects its people enough to report the number if hospitalizations.

My region doesn’t report hospitalizations. Probably because there aren’t any. People around here are extremely serious about social distancing. Fanatical, I’d say. Which means we can stay lock up for 50 years and then come out and have an outbreak.

I Wish You a Merry Something

Quite a few people are decorating for Christmas. Some have actually put up a tree. I walk around the neighborhood at night a lot and I see them through the windows. A few folks dragged out inflatable snowmen. I’m cooking all of the New Year’s dishes one by one.

It’s +26°C here, so it’s not the weather.

Painful Need

It doesn’t bother anybody that alcohol stores and pot dispensaries are open because they are “essential.” At the same time, everybody is losing their shit over religious people who still want to go to church.

I understand not having religious feelings but why is it so hard to comprehend that spiritual needs can be quite as painful and pressing as an alcoholic’s need for booze?

I’ll have to watch the all-night Easter service online. It hurts. There’s a limited number of Easters I can have before I kick the bucket, and now one of them is gone.

Plethora of Kits

JUST IN: Four year old tiger at the Bronx Zoo tested positive for coronavirus after developing a dry cough, with other tigers and lions also showing symptoms.

Well, it’s great that the shortage of test kits has been so rapidly and dramatically overcome. It sounds like NYC is ready to start paving the sidewalk with those kits.