Activity I Miss

The activity I miss the most is working. I work in little stretches of time, snatched here and there. But I haven’t worked anything like a full day for 3 weeks. My brain is hurting from the constantly frustrated desire to work.

7 thoughts on “Activity I Miss”

  1. I miss going to campus. I’ve never particularly liked working from home. I sometimes do a bit of work at home on the weekend or in the evenings, but I’ve always preferred to do most work in my office on campus.


      1. Btw, I have to share my woes; I think you will sympathize. I received a university distinguished teaching award. There was a photo shoot (was supposed to be while I was teaching, but I am on sabbatical this year, so the photographer came in to my research group meeting and took pictures of me talking with my graduate students; he took dozens of pictures). The one that ended up showing in the announcement might as well be described as “Fat Angry Troll About to Take a Bite of Graduate Student.” If that’s really the best one, I should go shoot myself now.


        1. Congratulations on the award! This is a really big deal.

          I’m still traumatized by my picture and the article about me, so I totally feel your pain. I have no idea how these people manage to turn everybody into the ugliest parody possible.

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          1. Thank you!

            My husband, who usually thinks I look good even when I don’t, actually concurred on this one. He asked, “Did you offend the photographer? Because this is such a bad picture, it looks like it was chosen out of spite.” It looked like I was yelling at my poor graduate student, which I wasn’t. Who the f*ck takes pictures for 30 min and chooses that? Especially

            I did manage to find the editor and they put up a different picture. I still look like a beached whale, but at least I look relaxed and smiling and not about to bite the student’s head off. I might not be photogenic, but to illustrate a big-time teaching award, you should probably have a picture of an enjoyable student-teacher interaction, FFS.

            I have a selfie from later that same day, also at work, in which I look nice and human and which is my new faculty profile pic. I took one today with unwashed hair in a poorly lit room, and still didn’t manage to approach that level of trolldom produced by a professional photographer, after shooting for 30 min.

            It’s especially upsetting because there were several other awardees for related awards, and they all looked good in the announcement. Not only do I not look good, I look fuckin’ awful, at the level of those pictures that people take when you’re drunk and not paying attention and your one eye is closed and your tongue is sticking out.

            At this point, I am pretty traumatized from dealing with anything resembling journalists. Every article has me sounding like a moron, every picture is uglier than the next. WTF, seriously?

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            1. On the positive side, you have a literary talent that made me shake with laughter while I read your account about this photo. I keep hearing that trauma liberates artistic talent, and it looks true in your case. :-)))))

              I’m being facetious. I know you were talented from before.

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