Patiently Waiting

In the entire state of Florida, 85 people were hospitalized yesterday with COVID. But at least Florida respects its people enough to report the number if hospitalizations.

My region doesn’t report hospitalizations. Probably because there aren’t any. People around here are extremely serious about social distancing. Fanatical, I’d say. Which means we can stay lock up for 50 years and then come out and have an outbreak.

7 thoughts on “Patiently Waiting”

    1. I had to edit this for obvious reasons.

      Thank you for the link. It’s now clear why they were resisting giving us this information. In order to flatten a curve, you need a curve.


        1. The point I’m making is precisely that we rushed into the quarantine way too early. And now we are exhausting the resources and everybody’s patience in a stage where a quarantine is not needed. Then once it is needed we won’t be able to sustain it any more.


  1. Everyone rags on us for screwing up the 2000 election, but we do some things right in FL. We have good roads, lovely beaches, and our Department of Health is keeping us informed.


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