How Fantasy Came to Be

I have figured out how the fantasy genre came to be. It’s small kids’ play. Klara can go on for hours, improvising away.

“Look! Those are the secret wasps of Aragorn! They are the ones who attacked the kingdom of the blue merpeople who knew the magic of rainbow snowstorms. We need to rescue the witch of the Clearborn forest because she’s the only one who knows how to defend us from the attack of the wasps. Remember that only the forgotten spell of Aragorn can bring back the lost magic of the King of the Western Sea!”

And on and on it goes. There’s an internal logic to it and even a plot.

4 thoughts on “How Fantasy Came to Be”

  1. “I have figured out how the fantasy genre came to be”

    I thought fantasy was the original literature… realism is only an extremely recent blip on the screen….


  2. Kids definitely do it / come up with it but that’s because everyone can. It’s like walking, something people do, and they start at a particular age, never to stop unless prevented. Also Klara appears to have read some fantasy, she’s referring to and riffing on characters in actual books.


  3. It has been said that the golden age of science fiction is 12. You’ve got to be introduced to the stuff at the right time.


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