Act of Cruelty

Every time I mention to my husband the possibility that the quarantine might be lifted at some point in the future, I end up feeling like I just did something extremely cruel.

He has developed such a sunny outlook on life and is finally truly enjoying life. . . And here I am, reminding him this is not forever.


My deepest sympathies for Catholics:

Pope Francis has said the coronavirus pandemic is one of “nature’s responses” to humans ignoring the current ecological crisis.

It’s deeply deranged in the vein of “Hurricane Katrina is a punishment for gayness.”


OK, who sent the bath bombs?

They are amazing, thank you, I’m super grateful. But please make yourself known. Unless you like the mystery.

And thank you to all the blog readers who gave me all the gifts on my birthday gift wishlist way before the relatives could. I now have books to last me… a whole week, probably. And a ton of jellybeans and bath bombs.

I feel really loved and it’s the best gift ever.

Also, I’m totally putting a Ferrari on the next year’s list just in case.

Let Them Work

Aerial footage above South Florida shows hundreds of residents risking possible coronavirus exposure — lining up to get paper applications for unemployment benefits as the state tries to fix problems with online filing.

The people in the video are clearly responsible, good folks. It’s time to start letting them go to work. If it’s ok to let them crowd for unemployment benefits, it’s got to be ok to let them work.

Revised IHME Model

IHME has updated its model again, for the second time in 3 days.

The peak in the US is projected for April 11.

I’m very glad scholars at IHME (whose initial model sent us all into this lockdown) are recognizing their mistakes and are revising the model.

The governors are now trying to get rid of the unused ventilators that they hoarded in expectations of millions of moribund people. I’m glad they took it seriously but it’s time to take other things seriously, too.